Friday, March 6, 2009

My Trip to Oklahoma Part III - Day 2 Conference

Day 2 of the conference was very enjoyable for me. For one thing I got to shake hands and meet one of my favorite choral conductors who I admire so very much...James Jordan. It was a real thrill. I also attended a session that I really enjoyed...I love getting practical things that make me a better teacher...I also took a nap...that is just something that I don't ever get to do. It was nice. I also had dinner with GS's sister, and we went to a very good Mexican restaurant and then to a worship concert hosted by my conference.
Here we are...geez do I have a big forehead or what.
Things I Noticed Today:
1. Why do hotels have ice machines on every floor?...I just don't get it. They give us all an ice bucket in each room and an ice machine on each floor. Why?? Are we supposed to make and serve martinis? Why ice? Why not a water machine?...I'm just say'in.
2. I avoid people like the plague...not sure why. I meet people and say hi and have a short conversation and then if I see them again...I avoid them...I know call me coo-coo birds.
3. I am getting better at eating alone...I don't feel so crazed about it...yea me.
4. I don't think at the concert tonight that I could have handled one more song with a text in Latin...geez those people are long winded.
5. I realize that I just love naps...uh oh I'm in trouble.
6. I like being alone in a hotel room, but I really miss GS, Isabella, and Andrew...and Maggie of course.
7. I am dreading the getting back home part of my trip tomorrow. Taxi, people on airplanes, and just a general day of travel and then comes the jet lag...oh woe is me.
8. I am right about certain things...and this conference made me realize that. Sometimes people higher up than me are just plain wrong.
Things I am Thankful For:
1. Great dinner, good concert, and great company.
2. Being validated.
3. My adorable Bella the chimney sweep, and my upper school chorus for cheering her on in my absence.
4. A great opportunity in this trip.
5. For my school for sending me here.
More Later
- A Ro

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