Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm Back...I know you missed me

Hi...well there is no excuse for my lack of blogging. But I am gonna try...my daughter had strep throat the week I got back from OK...and I had my spring choral concert that week too...then I got sick, really am sick. I have this head cold that just won't go away. So there...take it or leave it.

I know really no excuse.

So today is St. Patrick's Day, and I do have my green shirt that I purchased at Target for $4.00. I played the game and am wearing green, although I am pretty sure no one would dare pinch me...but I am not taking any chances.

Now before I continue I need to put out a disclaimer...

...I have nothing against the Irish...there I said it.


Why is it that we all put on shirts that say "Kiss me I'm Irish" when clearly most of us aren't. Why do we plunk down the bucks to buy those $4.00 target shirts, and those Old Navy ones, that not only are green but have the date on them so you can't even wear them again...OK so I do wear them again...can you blame me? Then there are all the foods that people turn green. Now I don't know about you but my mom taught me that usually when food that isn't normally green...suddenly is green...it shouldn't be eaten. But somehow on March 17th we eat green bagels, green eggs, green pancakes, and drink green beer...there is just something so wrong about that. Kindergartners make leprechaun catchers and look for gold at the end of rainbows...just one more thing that will crush them later in life when they realize that they just aren't real.

In summary: For people who are Irish... I say CELEBRATE...drink your green beer, eat your green bagels, wear "Kiss Me I am Irish" shirts (because you ARE Irish).

For those of us who are not...be respectful observers of this holiday. Don't drink yourself into oblivion claiming that you are Irish just because you wear green, eat green food, and can put away the Guinness.

OK...I know no one wants to get pinched...so wear the green, but just not the Erin Go Braugh shirt...cause admit it...you have no idea what it means.

Things I have Noticed (for the past couple of weeks):

1. Sexual Harassment seminars can give you vital information if you can get over watching your peers act out those high-larious vignettes.

2. GS is such a great dad.

3. There are just some people who are never happy no matter what.

4. My students are great...they work so hard and really know how to put it all together.

5. Sarah and Justin are really great kids.

6. I hate being sick...really hate it.

7. How can a sweet little girl have strep throat when her throat doesn't even hurt? Go figure.

8. I missed blogging...and missed reading the blogs I follow. Better get cracking.

Things I am Thankful For:
1. My sweet strep throat girl.

2. My growing up little boy.

3. GS and his kids.

4. Great colleagues who allow me to stay home when I am sick.

5. Spring Break...only two weeks away.

More Later

- A Ro

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