Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Arkansas Fun

Central Avenue, Hot Springs

Sounds very small town doesn't it. It doesn't at all sound like...

405 North, Los Angeles

But let me tell you my friends they are two twin slabs of cement separated at birth.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to be going back to Arkansas, back to down home living, no smog, a slow easy going time, and needless to say no three digit concrete slabs to hell.

...or so I thought.

We were on our way to the rehearsal dinner on Central Avenue, Hot Springs..and my friends we were sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. You know the light turns green and you creep towards it suddenly to have it turn yellow right before you get to it. I could feel my blood pressure start to rise and I felt the cuss words forming on my lips. I couldn't believe it here I am in Hot Springs Arkansas with the road rage that I feel in Los Angeles, and I wasn't even driving.

Then to top it all off Andrew gets a bloody nose, I mean a gusher. We had two Starbucks napkins, it was like waving a Kleenex at a charging bull (said in my best southern accent). Thankfully Dustin was in the truck ahead of us and his brother jumped out of the truck and brought us a handful of heavy duty napkins and we took care of that bloody nose.

...hey I just realized that I probably left those napkins in Kate's car...sorry Kate.

and Kate...thanks for talking me down back there on that concrete slab to hell...otherwise known as...

...Central Avenue, Hot Springs.

Oh and just so things are fair I sat in the parking lot that is your twin 405 N on my way home from the airport...he says hi...

Now I need some happy pictures to get me out of my road rage mood.

hot mess...beautiful hot mess

The dudes

Oh no you didn't catch that bouquet...you are NEVER, I MEAN NEVER getting married.

my heart is melting

OK I feel much better now.

next - Sausage Stuffed Shells...

-A Ro

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