Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Trip to Arkansas

Well just got back from my sister's wedding in Arkansas. I know that you are thinking...geez you could have waited to know sit a bit, unpack, relax, but no...GS's sister (and my good friend) scared the crap out of me all because she was going through Amy blog withdrawals so...Suz this is for you.

Warning...had a busy few days...might be a little can just skip through the pictures if you want.

My beautiful, brilliant, wonderful (I could go on) sister Kate got married this weekend in Hot Springs Arkansas

...and no that isn't the reason I didn't blog...yes Arkansas has internet but I did not have computer.

Anyway, she married a great guy Dustin and I am so happy for her. This blissful event meant that I got to go back to the state that I lived in for 6 years. I really like Arkansas. Now I know what you are thinking...and stop it...all the things you have heard about Arkansas are just not true.

...well most of them aren't.

I had such an amazing time. I got to spend the extended weekend with my brothers, sisters in law, niece, nephews, mom, step dad, my aunt Sara and of course Kate and Dustin. I got to meet really good people in Dustin's family, ate really good food (note to starts tomorrow), and stayed in a beautiful condo with my sibs and their families...with a PlayStation 3 and Guitar Hero World tour complete with microphone, drums, and two guitars.
Let me introduce the brother Greg on microphone (which he had to rip out of my fingers...does he not realize I am the diva??), my son Andrew on bass guitar, my other brother Ryan on guitar, and my sister in law Stacia on drums...My aunt Sara and mom are in the background in utter amazement (or shame disguised as amazement) is noted that they stayed for about another minute or two and left the condo.

...if you live in the Hot Springs area I apologize for the noise level...but it couldn't be helped...we don't see each other that often.

I was also very sister asked me to sing at her wedding. I now know that emotional people like myself should a) not sing at weddings of people they adore and b) if they choose to ignore a) they should not look at the person they adore while singing...who knew you couldn't sing while weeping.

...oh yeah I knew that.

The plane trips there was events, no delays, lots of sleep (on my part) and got to watch Madagascar II...awesome movie by the way I highly recommend it.
My daughter...loves having her picture taken (or as they say in Arkansas...picture made)
My son...hates having his picture taken...or picture made if you are needing Arkansas sub titles.

Got into Little Rock at about 6:30 pm...hit the Taco Bell...dodged tornado warnings (welcome to the south)...helped Kate pack...and made it to the condo in Hot Springs. Now here is one of the reasons I love the south...

Dustin's mom...whom we had never met...arranged for us to stay at this amazing condo...and she met us at the condo at about 10:30 pm with a homemade bundt cake, a tray of cookies, a meat and cheese platter, bread, fixins (that is also an Arkansas word), soda (caffeine rock Donna), and a case of bottled water. THEN she asked me if she could run to Kroger for us to pick up breakfast foods...yeah like I'm gonna let her do that.

Kate your mother in law is awesome...God love her (another popular Arkansas saying).

My brothers, sisters in law, niece, and nephews all drove overnight from Iowa and got to the condo around 6:30 am...Friday morning. Needless to say I got to babysit my 2 year old niece Sam while everyone else slept...not sure why the only little one who didn't sleep much in the car was wide awake and ready to play.

Oh wait...I know is because she is my niece Sam...the hot mess.

I had fun with her and gave her back to her Mama so Bella and I could go to the salon with the gals. I only went along for the company as I hate having my feet touched...

...I know call the therapist.
Here is Kate and Bella

Bella getting toes done...just watching this about did me in...I just hate feet.

Bella getting finger nails done. The lady was super nice and Bella had a good time. I enjoyed hanging out with the girls...and got Starbucks after...can't complain about that.

That night was the rehearsal, good food, (I know I know diet tomorrow...I have a love hate relationship with southern food), lots of happy tears, (the females in my family really know how to cry...and we do it often...I know this and yet I still agreed to sing at her wedding I really need to work on knowing my limits and sticking within them)...and lots of are a few.

Kate and Dustin...awww adorable nephew...oh my gosh...sorry Kate for the butt in the background.
me and the hot mess...Sam
The hot mess's parents my brother Ryan and Stacia...btw they both lost about a 50 pounds between the two of them since last I saw them...a true inspiration for me. My other sister in law lost some too...not sure why I don't have a picture of Greg and Michelle...sorry.
My boy and hot mess's brother Ty...these two were inseparable...I love my guys
Me and my kidlets
Did we mention that we travel with two two year olds???

Again we apologize Hot Springs.

More tomorrow...I am sure you have had enough for tonight.

-A Ro

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