Monday, May 10, 2010


My Mother's Day was wonderful. 


I didn't lay in bed all day with a good book.

I didn't get served breakfast in bed.

I didn't get to go to an all day spa.

I didn't get a new car.

I didn't get expensive jewelry.

I didn't get taken out to a fancy dress-up brunch.

I didn't get flowers.

I didn't get chocolate.

Now before you get all upset for me let me tell you what I did get...

I didn't get to lay in my bed all day and read a book, but I did get to take my very sweet kindhearted daughter to her friends house for a play date, and see her smiling face and hear her genuine "Thank you Mom"

I didn't get breakfast in bed, but I did get a nice long morning run that will add years to my life.

I didn't go to an all day spa, but I did get to do laundry (with a lot of help).

I didn't get a new car, but I got a mico-planer and a new utility knife (thanks Rich for paying attention when I drop hints about what I want)

I didn't get expensive jewelry, but I did get a new blue butterfly beaded necklace from my daughter.

I didn't get taken out to a fancy dress-up brunch, but I did get to go eat lunch at my favorite BBQ restaurant Reds.

I didn't get flowers, but I did get some new Bath and Body Works shower gel and lotion, in my very favorite (and Rich's too) scent, warm vanilla sugar.  In fact I am not the kind of girl who likes flowers, I mean I like flowers, but buying me a dozen roses doesn't thrill me at all.  Now some daisies, that might do the trick, but generally I would rather have something that will last a little longer.

I didn't get chocolate, but I did get my very favorite (and not easy to make) Beef Stew fixed by Rich for dinner.

In other words I got to be an appreciated Mom, and with my loving family...that pretty much happens everyday.

Thanks Rich, Andrew, and Isabella for taking such good care of me every day of my life.

I love you all.

More Later

- A Ro

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