Saturday, May 1, 2010

Project 365 Week 18

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It is time once again to go visit Sara's blog to get a glimpse into everyone's week.  Here is a peek at mine, and yes I do know which week it is this time.  It is amazing what a little sleep will do for you!!

That's My Girl

She is the sweetest most kind hearted girl I know.  

Spring Soccer Party

The Purple Penguins (I wonder who talked them into that name??) had their team party on Monday.  They had a fun season and Bella is looking forward to playing again this fall.

Where's Your Ball Maggie???

Maggie loves her pink tennis ball.  She has the normal colored tennis balls, but it is this one that she will go find when you ask her where her ball is, even if the others are close by.  Tonight she was yelping and howling at the underneath of the bed...she really wanted her ball.



Wednesday is our normal ice cream night, so much to our surprise this past Wednesday was 31 cent scoop night.  Bella was my photographer and I appreciate her attempt to make me think I am loosing my eyesight with this blurry pic.  It was for a good cause, the local fire department and all the cadets were scooping ice cream.  Glad we went.


Why I Love Being A Teacher

These are three of my students Kaley, Katharine and Sara.  Katharine decided two years ago that she would start a box top drive to adopt a puffin.  Barbaras cereal make Puffins cereal and by saving box tops you can adopt a puffin.  Katharine decided our choir needed to adopt one.  You can check out the site if you are curious.  We need about 250 and I think that we have about as you can see we are well on our way a little behind.  Katharine and the girls found out that I have a blog and they thought that by advertising our cause on my blog we might be able to make our goal before Katharine (or at this rate her grandchildren) graduated.  So all 6 1/2 of you if you eat Puffin's cereal and want to send me a box top let me know I'll e-mail you my address. P.S.  I love these girls!!



This picture represents the gorgeous surroundings that I get to enjoy while living in CA.  It doesn't show the amazing amount of traffic I had to endure while getting to and from this amazing location.  I'll have you know that I am getting better at being patient while enduring said traffic...serenity now, serenity now!!


Elvis Has Left the Spin Room

We had a themed spinning class today it was an Elvis spin!!  He gave us all Elvis glasses, and proceeded to work our buns off...hopefully mine got the hint.

In Summary:  I am thankfull that I had a much more relaxing week.  I have the greatest kids and the best students who give me life force daily.  I am one happy, blessed, Elvis spinning, baseball watchin', 31 cent night loving girl.  I am so blessed.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. loved all your pictures this week...what fun!

  2. love the glassess......did you spin to elvis music too?

    I have never even heard of puffins cereal! will have to check it out!

    my best friend lives in conway and she sent me a mobile picture of the tornado forming over her house last was scary!!! I am tired of this though...the storm kept me up most of the night!

    have a great week!!

  3. The baseball field surroundings look so peaceful...hard to imagine there was a lot of traffic around!

  4. I've never heard of Puffin cereal...I love the blue sky and the hills. I'm glad you left the traffic out.

    Have a nice week.

  5. Bella rocks! Love the Elvis glasses, wonder if I could wear something like that while Shredding?
    I have never heard of Puffins but I am going to look at the store when I go!
    Have a super week!!

  6. Cool glasses and what a fun way to get into shape! Never heard of Puffins cereal but I hope you reach your goal! And I hear you about the beautiful surroundings...we live in AZ so we are surrounded by mountains as my boys play baseball!

  7. What I want to know is - am I the one-half reader? It would totally make sense if I am :)

    I've seen Puffins cereal - it's usually with the Kashi & stuff right? I'll have to check it out next time I run out of cereal. In, like a month. We don't eat a lot of cereal around here.

  8. I totally forgot to tell you that I gave you an award, by the way:

  9. Loved your list of blessings!
    Sometimes I feel utterly spoiled. With such privileges and blessings, I cold become spoiled for the ordinary.

  10. Awww...poor puppy. That's just torture.

    Gotta love 31-cent scoops!!

    I think that's great about the puffins. Never even HEARD of the cereal, but I hope you guys get your box-top quota.

    Elvis spins. Cute. *giggle*

  11. You have a weekly ice cream night? Pull out your Fun Mom card!

  12. Love the Free Hugs shirt... too cute!

    I heard about the 31 cent scoop special but we dont have a Baskin Robbins anywhere near us so we didn't get to take advantage of this great deal!

    Our dog has a favorite ball too... she loves to play ball... over and over and over again!

    I don't normally buy Barbaras cereal but if I do I will be sure to keep the box top for you...