Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random Musings of My Own

A day late and a dollar short on the random dozen today, so I thought that I'd recap my week so far in my own little version of the random dozen.
  1. The 101 freeway is really a path straignt to hell.  I know that Tom Petty and America sang about it fondly, but obviously they have never driven it when they are late coming from dropping kids off after work and then going to judge a vocal competition at a local university.  You see working mothers bring a whole other look at busy California freeways.  I could write a song too, but it would have to be labled for explicit lyrics and last I checked 40 year old mothers do not fit in with the west coast rap scene.
  2. Not having figure out how to set up the VCR to record with sound AND video at the same time (but eventually giving up stating that I didn't really need to see the new episode of Chuck anyway, the only show I live for) is totally worth the $9.00 I pay a month for TIVO.
  3. It is much nicer to be running late with an "I don't care" attitude than running late with a "Oh my gosh I am late" attitude.  It makes everyone in the car a lot new outlook on life is really working out nicely for me.  No stress and being thankful for everything, even the bad things.
  4. Good news about events that are troubling you is ALWAYS in fashion. 
  5. I love I really do.  People who live their lives in a mean and nasty way should have to answer to the universe.  Does it make me a bad person to enjoy a little payback?? 
  6. The 405 freeway is a path straight to hell...see number 1 above.
  7. Target has the cutest new swimming suits for girls.  I wish I would have discovered that last weekend instead of this morning.  After we got to school and Bella reminded me that they are swimming in P.E. today.
  8. Bella:  Mom, how come all my friends and classmates feel so comfortable around you? I mean everytime you come to pick me up all the kids in my class rush over to see you and tell you hi and just start talking to you?  And you just smile at them and start talking to them like you are actually glad to see them.  No other mom is like that. Me:  Well I actually love talking to them and hearing about their day.  Does that bother you?  Bella:  Nope, I think it is wonderful, I am lucky to have that kind of a mom.
  9. It is ABSOLUTELY no fun to start to take the last bite of your morning english muffin to find a big spot of mold on it.  Nope, no fun at all.
  10. I love to kickbox.  I love putting the gloves on, and beating the crap out of that bag.  I love feeling the sweat drip off of me and doing a perfect round house kick gives me a thrill.  I am not an agressive person AT ALL, but something about those gloves and that bag, just releases all those stressors.
  11. Athletic tape is a great invention and would be nice to have rememberd to use it with the above gloves to avoid the cuts and abrasions to my hands.  Although it is a very good conversation starter, they really hurt.
  12. Teenage agnst is still the same as it was 25 years ago.  I am really glad that I went through it back then so that I can help my students now.  See sometimes trouble and pain are blessings in disguise.
More Later

- A Ro


  1. Amy, you know you can watch Chuck online NBC or hulu? Yep, we're cutting our $120/month digi cable/DVR service in favor of free TV online.

  2. I am ALWAYS glad I'm not a teenager anymore. Whew!

    It's great that you're the cool mom - I guess kids are like dogs & can sense the people who like them?

  3. I used to take a kickboxing class...hubs and I took it together. I loved it but he really loved it. You make me want to find another class.

    We missed you on the random but you did a good job with your version...Happy Mother's Day!