Saturday, May 8, 2010

Project 365 Week 19

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Sara calls us to link up our project 365 over at her blog.   I am excited to share my week with all of you.  Head over to Sara's and check out everyone elses pics.

Where Is Your Ball Maggie?
Either she is very patient or follows "the out of sight out of mind" mentality of a baby.  She just sat there with her ball in her collar.  She didn't try to get it at all.  She usually only gets it if we throw it.  If we put it on the floor in front of her she will just look at it and look at us.  She is such a good dog.


 Waiting Patiently...Sorta
As I was trying to be patient and thankful while waiting for my coffee, I decided to snap a picture of the beauty that I have to look at while waiting.  It really made me appreciate that morning...even the waiting.


 My Kidlets
Got a shot of Bella watching Andrew (number 2) warm up to hit.  She found this table and chair and worked on homework at the game.  She got it ALL done.  I like this picture.

My old phone stopped working and was, thankfully, under warranty.  They sent me a new one and instead of a beautiful rosy color, as I had before, I got ORANGE.  Oh well, it is orange and black my high school colors.  Plus if you think I am going through the hassle of trying to get my old color back...think again.

 Silly Girl...As Usual
You can always count on Bella for some daily silliness.  I so love this girl.

Giggly Girls
We went to my schools Middle School play last night.  Isabella invited her friend Alex to come with us to dinner and to the show.  They both loved teasing Rich, and secretly he had fun too.  


I have been looking and looking for this cup for about a year now.  I have the smaller one, and just love it.  In trying to use less plastic, I started my hunt again.  I went to about a dozen stores and they all were sold out.  I went on-line and couldn't find any, except the $40.00 ones on e-bay...psh..yeah right.  I decided to just stop looking and focus on being thankful for the one I had...lesson learned from my new book.  Then all of the sudden last night while in Starbucks, there she sat on the shelf, as if to say  "Hi friend, here I am"...

In Summary:  Good things happen to good people.  I know reality and I know who I am.  I am a gal who loves my kids, who loves all things orange, and who is blessed to live (and wait) in a beautiful town.  The universe is good to me.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Great pictures of your life this week. I tend to take more pictures of scenery & less of my LIFE. I should at least have a few pictures that show how my week is going.

  2. Love the hat on Bella! Your picture during your wait was beautiful! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Yeah, I agree. You take a working phone and RUN. Cute homework shot.

  4. that would have literally driven my dog CRAZY!!!!

    My son works at starbucks, I need to look for that glass!

  5. i want to meet bella...she's lots of fun and she loves her brother :)

  6. I love that you chose to find the beauty while waiting! Awesome reminder for all of us! Bella and Andrew in the same shot...that is a good week!
    Our dog never would've stayed still with that ball there...too funny!
    Have a super week!!

  7. So many of the teachers at my school have those am not a coffee drinker so I rarly go into Starbucks! Too funny but I recall seeing a pic of your dog looking for her ball under something last week?? Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Orange is one of the "in" colors in decorating these days, donchaknow? So you are totally stylin' girl! :-) And I hear ya about not going through the hassle of trying to change it. Ugh. Is there a cellular company out there that has even the slightest little concept of customer service? I.don'!

    Your dog cracks me up. She is one mellow perro! LOL

    This week I have a couple of giggly girls around as we have our co-workers daughters for the week while they get away for their anniversary. I love it! :-) There's just something so fun, so endearing about girly giggles.

    Beautiful vistas to make waiting a little *ahem* easier :-) None of us like to wait, really, do we? Ahhh, well. I don't mind waiting -- too much -- week-to-week to see everyone's Project 365 photos :-)

    Have a great week!

  9. Starbucks in any container is a winner in my book!


  10. Never knew of those cups/glasses.
    Orange is the color of the Basque country. Ever see their professional cyclists, in orange of course, the Euskaltel Euskadi?

  11. Your dog makes me laugh. Our lab sleeps with her tennis ball between her feet so she will always be ready, just in case we want to throw it for her. She will look frantically for it any time we ask her where it is. Most of the time she knows right where it is.

  12. Gotta love a good dog like that. Awww...
    Fabulous view!!
    Love Bella's silly hat.
    Orange isn't bad. :) I know how you feel about "going through the hassle," though. They don't make it easy, do they???