Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Project 365 Week 21 (finally)

Better late than never is my new blog mantra.  Mind you it is the only time I use that mantra as most of the time I equate being late with you just don't do it.

We found a place to live so my weekend was spent packing, packing, and yep you guessed it more packing...so didn't get any time to sit down and upload my weeks worth of pictures.

So if you forgive me then read on and see what my week looked like.

A Handsome Cellist

Andrew had his big orchestra gala on Sunday night.  I love watching him play, he is such a good musician and I am so proud of him.
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

To get to our new house...this is our patio and our new neighbor.  So funny that this Iowa girl is going to live next to chickens in California.  The problem is where there are chickens there is usually loud roosters...

Talented Singers

I chose this picture for a couple of reasons.  1.  I had my Middle School Choral concert Tuesday night. 2.  It was our final piece with all my students on stage.  3.  My butt doesn't look TOO gi-normous, and 4.  I had good hair that night.  I love my job.

Another Group of Talented Kids

My Middle School Theater kids had their showcase on Friday, today was a big rehearsal.  They did songs of Rogers and Hammerstein.  Some of this kids had to muster up all their courage to get up on stage and sing their solos or duets.  They did a fantastic job.

Bella Gets to Show Off
It was Bella's Open House tonight.  We got to walk around her classrooms and see all the things she has done this year.  Here she is with an art project that she did.  I got this picture made into some cards for my mom.  She has on her ballet shoes and she is stretching.  Such a cute girl and picture.

A Visitor

Zach came to visit me on Friday.  What a great surprise!!  I had so much fun catching up and hanging out.  It is really great when my alumni come back to see me and tell me how wonderful they are doing.  It really makes me proud of them and gives me such a good feeling that I had a small part in who they have become.  I love my job.

Good Friends

Bella got to go to her friends birthday party on Saturday night.  She adores Alex (and Chloe whos arms are sticking out of their heads).  I am so lucky that Bella has such great friends and that she is a good friend in return. 

In Summary:

It is obvious from this week's pictures that I am so blessed.  We found a place to live, my kids work so hard and their efforts really pay off.  They have great friends and I actually have a picture of my backside that isn't so bad.  What a great week!!

More Later

-A Ro

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  1. Good luck with all the packing, etc. Hopefully it won't be too painful and soon you'll be settled into your new home. Hope you are happy there!

  2. haha! i see i'm not the only one running a lil' behind this week. ;) new house, chickens, great kids and alumni... you 'are' truly blessed. :)

  3. Don't you just have to take a picture when you have a good hair day? :D
    Love Rodgers & Hammerstein! Bella did a great job on her picture!
    It's such a good thing when a teacher loves her job...there are too many out there who don't but keep on teachin'!

  4. that's a poorly looking chicken...you'll have to fatten her up and then the others will come to your house, too, like kids...they always find the FOOD!
    great week...glad your house prayers were answered...eager to see pics :)

  5. I never pass up an opportunity to put good hair on the blog.

  6. I'm glad you found a place - I hope you love it! You're the third blog I've read today where they're packing boxes - moving's in the air!

    Bella is such a cutie - & did a great job on her picture!

    I'm glad your son likes music & is apparently good at it!

  7. so glad that you found a place to live and that (as always) you love your job! I love my job, too, but my boss? not so much. I have an interview for a great position Friday- wish me luck!

  8. So was the chicken the neighborhood's welcome wagon? Love it!
    Andrew looks so handsome playing his cello.
    I always love final concerts to hear how far the students have come. I'm sure yours were great!!
    Bella's picture is awesome!!
    Have a super week!