Friday, May 7, 2010

All That for DECAF???

It takes me about 30 minutes for me to get from my house to work.  That is if there is no traffic at a local high school.

This is good, because I don't really "do" driving, that is to say if there is another person around who is street legal then my keys get tossed to them.  Thank goodness Rich doesn't mind driving. 

Three days a week I have to be at school at 7:00 am for my vocal jazz class so I have to leave at 6:30 because I beat the local high school traffic having to be there so early.  The other two days I have to be at school by 7:45.  One of those days I battle high school traffic so I have to leave by 7:00, but on Thursdays there isn't high school traffic so I can leave at 7:15 and make it to school. 

This past Thursday we were "oh my goodness" ready to go by 7:00 and thus had 15 minutes to spare so my mind went straight to Starbucks!!  Now that I can have decaf my mind goes there a lot.  I have been excited for the opportunity to enjoy my decaf iced skinny cinnamon dolce lattes.  I know what you are saying, that hardly seems worth the trouble of lifting the cup to your lips...non fat milk, sugar free syrup, AND decaf...but something about it really makes me happy.

Thursday morning is also donut morning in my kids life.

I say my kids life because I would never even dream of letting a donut hole or 50 pass my lips. 

So I dropped off Andrew at the Starbucks with my reusable Starbucks cup (see...I am green), and there were only two people ahead of him...(score) and Bella and I went off to the donut shop across the street to get our their donuts.  When we returned Andrew was at the front of the line, but the line got increasing longer behind him.  I sent Bella in to help him and I worries still only I waited some more, and watched the line get longer and longer. 

Then Bella came out and informed me that it would be a few minutes because they were having trouble with the cash register...ok...only 7:10....still good.  7:20 rolls around and Andrew comes out with my drink, but no one elses.  He then informs me that when the guy put in my $.10 discount for using a reusable cup the entire register crashed.

Well how do you like them technology apples

The good news is I got my drink for free, since was being made as the cash register crashed.
The bad news is for the the people who have to work with, and for, the 10 people who didn't get their (more than likely caffieneated) coffee all due to my eco-friendly ways which clearly the cash register couldn't handle.

All that for my hardly-worth-it-latte...

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. Boy that IS a pickle! I've always been glad that I don't really depend on caffiene in the morning. I drink it sometimes, but if I go without it's no big.