Thursday, July 29, 2010

The 10th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

So yesterday I turned 41, yeah I know it is hard to believe.  It seems like only  yesterday I was trying to feather my hair and make blue eyeshadow look good.  I know that you are dying to know what a 41 year old birthday was like, well you are just so lucky that I have a blog and just happen to have turned 41 goes.

My birthday wishes started the night before from an alum of mine that is in New York and wished me a happy birthday New York time. 

My actual day started with a sweet kiss from my love followed by my mother calling me and singing happy birthday, wow what a treat that was.  It isn't everyday that a singer happens to have a mother that is a singer and can really get the job done.  My sister then called and my niece cooed at me and I am sure she did her share of slobbering all over the phone...don't worry Abby Aunt Amy is coming to see you and squeeze those cheeks, kiss that face, and ooh and ahh over all that red hair!!

My daughter then showered me with well wishes and various gifts.  I got a very nice framed picture of an oil painting she did.  Andrew gave me an Arizona Wildcats t-shirt via Bella since he is out of town.  She also made me various art projects and cards, boy do 9 year old girls know how to make their mama feel special.

It was a camp field trip day and we went off to grab a birthday Starbucks and head to camp in our green camp shirts.  As we got to camp the birthday wishes kept coming.  I was hugged, sang to, and bombarded with flowers and gifts.  The bowling trip was great except for little Sarah who fell getting out of the bus and ended up with a huge goose egg knot on her head and very skinned knees. However, this member of the first aid team leaped into action.  Grabbed ice, applied pressure to the knees, and told stupid jokes and stories to make her laugh.  The one that got her giggling the most was the story of the the time that I fell and got hurt.  Now if you know me at all you are trying to ascertain exactly WHICH story I told her as there are many, many stories of me being a clutz.  This particular time was the time that I opened a car door into my head and had a big goose bump for our family picture the next day.  She laughed and laughed as she cried.  It is clear to me now why I was put on the first aid team, my "been there done that" stories are key in calming and soothing the injured.  It certainly wasn't because of my steel constitution and coolness under pressure.  All I know is that anything worse than a bump, cut, scrape or bruise and you will be needed first aid for this first aid team member.

After camp Rich and I went to my favorite Italian restaurant, and I got to open more gifts!!  I opened two more Arizona Wildcat t-shirts (my boys were paying attention when I was agnst-ing over the fact that I didn't have any shirts from my alma mater) ready for this...TICKETS TO A DAVE MATTHEWS BAND CONCERT!!!! Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse better, as I was looking stunning in my green camp t-shirt (as I forgot to bring a change of clothes) in walk the Kardashians and started to film an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians right next to us.  I was sitting there hoping and wishing that I will be a part of that fabulous piece of television programming ESPECIALLY since I was sporting that green camp t-shirt.  Now I can say that I at had my birthday dinner with the Kardashians...or not.

The evening ended with finding the perfect shoes to go with my perfect dress for my perfect day to start my perfect life with my perfect man. 

To top it all off I sat down at my computer when I got home and opened an e-mail from my sister in law...

Here is how it went:

Happy Birthday to Aunt Amy!
(Insert pic of Amy's beautiful mug)

Aunt Amy is a wonderful Aunt to all of her nieces & nephews!
(insert photo of 4 freaking cute kids)
Aunt Amy taught me what it means to be a really good Aunt on JoJo's first Xmas. At only a few months old, he was going thru some unhappy moments that lasted for hours. Being that she had personal experience with upset babies she held him thru all the crying & fussing never once giving me the "Ok, you birthed him you can have him back" look instead she said "a good aunt never gives him back when he's crying" (not exact quotes but a long those lines)
Her nieces & nephews love her so much they fly to Cali just to clean her kitchen.

She is lucky enough to have two awesome kids that love her very much
She's also lucky enough to have a great guy who can make her smile from states away with just some sweet words
(insert pic of amy reading rich's text)

Her luck continues when it come to a big loving family whether in Cali, Iowa or heaven
(insert Lrg fam photo from Nana's 60th, pic with siblings & pic with gma evie)

But those of us that know her realize we are the lucky ones because we have her in our lives!!
Hope you have an amazing birthday & that this brings you as much joy as yours do to us!!
Love YOU!

Thank you Michelle...even though some of those pictures didn't download your kind words and hard work made my year.

So don't you wish YOU celebrated the 10th anniversary of your 21st birthday EVERY year??

As long as they don't include dinner with the Kardashians I'm in.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. That's hilarious about the Kardashians. I'm pretty sure that kind of thing doesn't happen in Ohio (although Dave Chappell's sister ran for mayor around here so I guess he could have come to town to support her).

    Glad you had a great day!

  2. I can see you don't need any more "Happy Birthday" wishes since you got so many and are obviously loved & adored, but here's one more from me! What a great b-day!! As well as a GREAT post!!

  3. Usually I just run into my neighbors when I'm sporting my band camp shirt.

    Not the pretend neighbors on tv.