Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Actual Nonsense Post

Can you believe it I am actually posting something other than Project 365 or my Tell Me Why Tuesdays?  Well it seems that this blogger actually got her butt out of bed early to go to spin at the gym.  She had to get up early because the spin class is too late for her schedule so she had to get her spin in BEFORE the class started. 

(realized I am typing in third person so now I moving out of third person)

It was a run day but Rich had to be to work early and I get a little freaked out about running 4 miles away from my house when no one is home to get that phone call that I have fallen and broken my neck, or at least skinned my knee and can't make it home. 

So the perfect storm of a morning has me sitting here with 30 minutes before I have to start getting ready.

However, I have a little unpleasant housekeeping before I begin my nonsense of a post:

I don't mind anonymous comments.  Many of my family and friends don't have a blogger account so they post anonymously.  But to the one person who posts harassing comments anonymously I just want to give you a friendly warning.  I subscribe to two tracking software companies.  The first one tracks everyone who visits my blog and on what day they visit.  The second one tracks ALL comments even anonymous ones.  It can tell me exactly what IP address each comment comes from, even anonymous ones.  An IP address is your computers fingerprint.  It names YOUR exact computer.  So your anonymous comment isn't really anonymous. Now it gives me lots of information about you, but not your name.  However, a judge could order that information be disclosed if he/she needed it for a court case.  If you don't believe me look it up.  There is no need for those kind of comments.

Sorry for back to my nonsense of a post.

Today our camp is embarking on another wonderful field an outdoor fun park.  Bumper boats, mini golf, arcades, and the like.  Our camp takes many field trips and usually they are so much fun.  We went to see Toy Story 3, we went bowling, we went to the zoo, and to an indoor playground.  However our past trip to Disneyland last Friday was a field trip like no other.  It started with a slight argument with a woman who made a nasty comment to a couple of my girls because they sat at a shady picnic table that she "reserved" by putting a jacket on the bench.  Naturally I stuck up for my girls in a calm but firm manner, but one of the other counselors told me he had his eye on me as he was afraid that the other woman might need "help" if I decided to pull out some of my mad kickboxing moves.  I, however, was very calm as I pointed out to her that her nasty comment was unnecessary and wasn't very nice.  And it would have had to been those mad Zumba moves because I haven't been kickboxing in awhile. 

The day went on to yield 102 degree temps and long lines one of which included standing behind a gentleman who had an I Heart Porn button on his backpack.  We, and by we I mean me, another counselor and 7 middle schoolers followed that button for about 45 mintues until finally one of my little seventh grade girls asked very loudly "What is Porn?".  To which my reply was "That is one of those words that is best explained by your mom or dad"  I am very sorry mom or dad...I had no other choice but to pass that buck on to you.  However, I am fully aware that more than likely by the time that girl finished the bus ride back to school she was properly versed on the subject.  Rich told me that I should have told her that it was purple corn...very funny.  The day ended with a very salty A-Ro falling asleep on the bus watching A Sharks Tale, and when I say watching I am using that term very literally. The sound was not very good and trying to read cartoon lips isn't all that effective, which is probably why I fell asleep.  Although I have been known to fall asleep in a moving vehicle while being driven to the grocery store.  All the kids had a great time and really that is what it is all about.

Tomorrow I take my CIT's to Hurricane Harbor, the local water park.  Now doesn't that sound fun!!  There is really nothing that makes me happier than getting into my bathing suit, riding 30 miles on a school bus in the 102 degree heat with 15 middle and high schoolers and then swimming in water that has been occupied by about 1000 other so cal residents.  But the kids will have fun and that is what it is all about...right??

I think that there is an umbrella and a chaise lounge with my name on it, and it better not be "reserved".

More Later

- A Ro



  1. Sorry you've had comment trouble. Some people are just born party poopers.

    I have to put on a swim suit in another week or so in front of college friends. Course we're all older but still, blech. I'm working out like a fiend but why oh why do the pounds not drop off like they did 20 years ago when I didn't need them to drop off? Enjoy that water park-whoohoo!

  2. Think of the nice tan you will have for the wedding, all those mid-westerners will be so impressed at your California girl look ;)

  3. oh, just put your jacket on it and it'll be fine when you get back from the water slide, hahahahaha!

  4. People can be so mean. That must've been one classy guy that had the button on his backpack!

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  6. When my girls were little they called their Aunt Courtney "Aunt Porn" for some reason... it eventually morphed into Aunt Corn before they could pronounce Court or Courtney. In case this seems too random, the porn button story prompted this reply!

  7. Sitemeter = Exhibit A. It's a good thing.

  8. Thanks for all the great ideas!!