Saturday, July 31, 2010

Happy Birthday T-Y Ty

Seriously blogger, you really needed to have the tab button=post...really?? really??? TWICE...I mean people are going to stop following me if this continues...oh wait, not very many people follow me now.  Oh well you get what you pay for.

My apologies to all of you. Geez. 

Today is my oldest nephews birthday.  I know he was almost born on MY birthday which would have for sure secured me as the favorite aunt, but alas he took his time and was born today.

Speaking of my birthday...the birthday post that I posted had some funky math that no one pointed out.  You all must be so kind that you let my mathematical error go by without comment.  Thank you, since math as a skill for me is right up there with trying to program the VCR and driving calmly.  In other words something that certainly could use some improvement.  Even my special anonymous commenter let it go by too, maybe math isn't her strong suit either.

Back to my adorable nephew Tyler...who is six years old today.  YIKES!!
Look how handsome he is.
I mean seriously...he is killing me with handsomeness.

But if you think he is handsome now...just look at how unbelievably cute he was as a little boy.

Stop it now.

I can't take it...

No more I say.
I said stop it right now.

He is such a sweet boy too!!  He loves everyone and is always ready to give you a hug...

Unless he is playing with his legos...then you will just have to wait.

He is a very good big brother.

Can't you just see how much he loved having a new baby sister.

He really is a good big brother!!

and loves to help his dad...

...and his Papa too...what a great kid.

Everyone wants to have their picture taken with Ty.

His UG (Uncle Greg)  Another Bears sweatshirt, seriously UG expand your wardrobe.

His Titi (Aunt Michelle)

His Aunt Kate

His favorite Aunt in California (notice the fettucini in his pocket...cracks me up)

His Nana
 Of course, his mama too.

Even Andrew will take a picture with Tyler.

Tyler doesn't take a bad picture, because of this he is photographed often, and when I mean often I mean I have so many cute pictures of Tyler it was hard to choose which ones would go into this post. 

He is such a professional and always knows how to work the camera.
Even when no one else will.

I love my nephew.  He is smart, kind, sweet, and oh so much fun to be around.

But the one thing I love about Tyler the most.

He takes his ice cream cone eating very seriously.

Happy Birthday Tyler!!  I can't wait to see you in a week.  I love you!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. OK, so now that you mention it, the birthday post had a much higher incidence of typos/grammatical errors than your perfectionism usually allows. I chalked it up to Kardashian shock or birthday spirits intake and let it ride. But since you brought it up. . . ;D


    P.S. Happy birthday, Ty!

  2. I noticed the math error, but I thought that maybe I was the confused one :)

    Ty really is a cutie - happy birthday to him!