Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

Yet another edition of Tell Me Why Tuesdays.  Enjoy peeking into my brain, grab a broom and dustpan while you are there...it needs some major cleaning.

1.  Why is it that I can remember to put the soap in the dishwasher but can't seem to finish the deal by actually turning it on? #thatsecondstepiscertainlyharderthanthefirst??

2.  Why do some very simple things have to be so darn difficult?? #toomanyclosedmindedpeopleintheworld

3.  Why out of all the soda bottles at the lunch truck do I buy the one that doesn't have the top on properly?? #hotdayplusflatsodaequalsgrouchyamy

4.  Why when asked to MC the camps musical theater showcase do I decide to find props and single handedly act out the scene leading up to each song instead of just announcing what's next?? #thewordeasyisnotinmyvocabulary

5.  Why is it way easier to be hard on ourselves then to really look at our blessings?? #complaininggetsmoreattentionthanhappiness

6.  Why is it that I can find time to do everybody's laundry, cook dinner, clean my house, and be mom taxi, but I can't find time to blog or read blogs?? #ihavemyprioritiesstraightordoi?

7.  Why can't I get on the Zumba dance craze train?? #toomanysweatypeopleinoneroomtryingtobeshakira

8.  Why do I find myself searching the internet for an adult hip hop class? #thismommawantstopopandlockherselfrightintotraction

9.  Why do I keep avoiding Target when I really actually NEED to go instead of just WANTING to go? #theclosesttargetnowismorethantenminutesfrommynewhouse:(

10. Why is this gal so excited for August 7th? #marryingthemanofmydreamsfinally

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I think we need video of you mcing the show - that sounds VERY entertaining LOL. I'm excited to hear the date of the wedding - woo hoo!

  2. I have resisted the Zumba thing mainly because I can look like a fool most days without even trying, so why would I pay for the opportunity to do it in front of others?

  3. Oooh...your wedding is so close! How exciting!