Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, My Love

Today the love of my life turns 42!!

Rich has never liked his birthday.  He tells me that when he turned 30 he took a long walk in the rain and felt old and sad. I teased him that now that we are together he can't help but love his birthday because I love birthdays. I also told him that maybe we should get married on his birthday so then he has another reason to love his birthday.  That isn't happening, but ever since he met me I have tried to make his birthday very special and have convinced him that he should look at his birthday as another year that he is growing older with me.  It has worked so far.
When we dated in high school for his birthday I baked him an apple pie from scratch.  I knew how much he loved apple pie as he always talked about his grandmothers apple pie.  He said my pie was better than his grandmothers, but keep in mind we were dating at the time and I really wouldn't expect him to say anything different.  He was that kind of adoring boyfriend...
...and still is.

He goes on new adventures with getting all dressed up to go see an opera for the first time.

He is an amazing...
...future step dad...
...and uncle to be. (BTW this picture makes me want to have another baby, with him)

In High School he was such an amazing boyfriend.  He just adored me.  He made me feel like I was the only girl in the whole world.  He was a teenage boy with the heart and maturity of a man.  Never made me feel anything but loved and respected. 
But I don't love him for the boyfriend he was...
...I love him for the man he has become.

There is only one little problem...
...he is a Red Sox fan.

That is OK honey, I can live with that.  Just keep being amazing and I can even forgive that. 

Happy Birthday, my love and remember I think our life is perfect even when it is not.  I love you.

More Later
- A Ro


  1. That's not a problem - that's a BENEFIT!

    Sweet tribute, and as someone who also loves birthdays, tell him I yelled, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! to him.

  2. Except the Red Sox thing would cause irreconcilable differences for me :)

  3. Happy birthday to Rich! Sorry, I think just being a baseball fan would be a huge problem! (hee-hee!)

  4. I'm big on birthdays too...Happy Birthday!! Sweet post : )