Monday, May 7, 2012

AHHHHHH Technology

With all this new technology it seems that things should be getting easier to do with regards to computers and phones and men in space and stuff.

Let me tell you my friends it is not.

I have tried to upload videos on my blog through youtube, Google+ and now I am resorting back to Vimeo.  The problem with all this "trying" stuff is a) it takes time b) it takes too many brain cells as I am not 13 and able to break code from the Pentagon and c) I am old...I have no patience.  The other problem is that it works on my blog until I press publish then...nada.

For the love of all humanity I just want to post a video of my Bella and Sarah being silly and 31 seconds of Bella serving the volleyball.

So I am currently in the queue for my Vimeo account because...shocker...I don't want to pay the $59.95 a year to be able to cut to the front of the line even though it is half off the usual price (so the page says).

So I wait...20 minutes to go and that doesn't even guarantee me anything.  It could be 20 minutes for naught.

Untitled from Amy Rolniak on Vimeo.

Don't hold your breath, just cross your fingers.  And to be quite honest the video isn't all that great...after all that work. 

All I can say about technology these days is where is Matthew Broderick when you need him.  Do you want to play a game??

More Later

- A Ro

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