Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Try and Try Again

As you may or may not know I live far away from my family.  All of my siblings live nearer to my mother with both brothers living within 30 minutes.  This means that I cherish every last picture or video of my nieces and nephews that I get as I don't get to see them but maybe twice a year.

So I assume that my family feels the same way about my kidlets.  They just don't get to see them very often.  Now my kids are don't do such cute things as dress in their underwear and pretend they are super heros, or read to Dora in the tub, or build amazing Lego creations, or look particularly cute in a tiara and fairy wings.  And granted that red headed kid of my sisters really is adorable.  But none-the-less they do some pretty neat stuff.

So because we live so dang blasted far away I decided to start this blog to share my life with those family members far away whether they like it or not.  It is my way to live in the moment and share my life.  Thankfully a few new bloggy friends have come about because of the blog so that is just icing on the cake.  (And you know I like the icing on the cake)

That being said it would be a heck of a lot easier if I could figure out how to get a dang-blasted 1:00 minute video to post.  I mean c'mon we can put a man on the moon, and know when Lindsey Lohan goes on a bender within seconds of it happening, but I can't seem to figure out how to put a video on my blog.

It just doesn't seem right.

However, I am not a quitter and I believe I have finally figured it out.  Now the problem with that confidence is I won't know until I push publish whether it actually works or not, because it looks good up until that point.

Here it goes:

Bella's volley ball game.  She is quite the player.

Andrew playing cello.  The last minute of his concert on Sunday.  Bizet Les Preludes.

Quite frankly that was exhausting.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. You did it!!
    I'm gonna have to try to figure out how to do that - you've certainly bested me!

  2. They're not available to me :(

    I once had some instructions about using some free video uploading program. If I can dig them out I'll send them to you.

  3. Oh, no! I got a message that they aren't available! I put mine on youtube and then embed it in my posts. There has to be a different way, though.