Monday, May 21, 2012

The good news is I found my camera on Sunday afternoon.  I also took some video of my son's concert and some pictures.

The bad news is that I didn't get any pics of our great Friday and Saturday activities.  The cord to my camera is still lost, and uploading that video from my phone might just be a big exercise in failure. 

I'll give it a go...just don't hold your breath.

Friday night was our first playoff game.  Andrew started in left field and we won!!!  We rushed home got Subway and had an amazing night of family wiffleball.  Part of the amazing was that no one broke anything or needed any sort of first aid with the exception of Bella who decided to try to avoid being hit with the ball (thrown by Rich) coming home and sorta dove out of the way which resulted in a scrapped knee and being hit in the head by the ball.  

She's young, she'll get over it.  

I actually hit the ball several times and got on base.  We only got a couple of innings in due to darkness.  I am sure, however, that if Rich and Andrew didn't spend so much time trying to see who could throw the most awesome curve ball to each other we might have gotten a few more innings in.  I'm telling you big boys are just little boys who are a bit taller.

Sarah didn't want to play and gave us teen angst when Rich forced her to play, but by the end she was begging for just a couple of more innings. I'm telling you teenage girls are just little girls with a lot more eye rolling.

We had SO much fun.

Saturday was the usual stuff except my son Andrew wanted to get up and go with me and Rich at 8:00 am to the farmers market.

Insert Scooby Doo's wha?? 

We had fun.  He got strawberries and was as happy as a clam.  I'm telling you teenage boys are just little boys with a lot louder music.

Saturday night Bella went to a friends for an overnight trip and Andrew went out with some friends so Justin Sarah Rich and I went to see

Oh my gosh for not an Amy movie that movie was great.

I love The Hulk, and I am a big fan of Iron Man.

Unfortunately, two weeks into the movie's run it still was crowded so we had to sit in the front of the theater.

Let me tell you if I didn't think I was getting old before I now know I am.  The kids loved sitting in the front and Rich and I complained about our necks, back, eyes, and ears.

Yep, getting old.

Sunday was Andrew's final youth orchestra concert.  Here is where I would insert the pictures I took off my lost camera if indeed I had the cord.  So that will have to wait.  As I said I have video that I will attempt to upload.

If it works this is the final minute of Bizet's Les Preludes.  The seats I was assigned were behind my son, but close enough to get a good view of him

If it doesn't work it means that I have no idea how to do anything technological.

I'm telling you old people are just young people who haven't lost their minds.

More Later

- A Ro

OK...not working we must go with the latter.  I'll try again later, sorry Mom.

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