Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 365 Week 10

Well the crazy season is officially in full swing at the A-Ro household...this is evidenced by the following:
  1. I am late posting my Project 365
  2. I will not be doing any sort of Weekend Highlight Reel...due to #1 above
  3. My house didn't get vacuumed this weekend.
  4. I turned my February calendar last night (March 6th) to realize that I have TOTALLY missed my neices birthday (March 2)
Sami...I am terribly sorry.  I will make it up to you by sending you a BIG package in the mail and find some really adorable pictures of you to post on my blog.  It isn't her fault that she is the first birthday of the year in our family and that her aunt can't remember that February even exsited.   You are still my very special goo (girl).

This weekend was over in an instant.  Speaking in is amazing how life can change in one.  It reminds me that we cannot take one second for granted.  I have a renewed sense of that today.

Here is My Week:  (When I preview this post the Project 365 button ends up at the end of the blog...however, as I am typing this the button is sitting right above...maybe that Blogger for Dummies book needs to be read)

Sunday February 27:
My Sunday BFF

Didn't get a picture for today (further evidence of the crazy that is my life at the moment), but this was what I did today. 

Monday February 28:

Justin Beiber-ites

Today is Justin Beiber's birthday and let me tell you what, it was celebrated here in Sixth Grade.  Girls had pieces of tape taped to their backs saying Happy Birthday Justin, they wrote on their shoes, and talked about him ALL day.  Wow. 

Tuesday March 1:

Lunch Bunch

I have a group of kids that come into my room during lunch to play games.  They play Sorry and Apples to Apples mostly.  It is nice to have them in here.
Wednesday March 2:

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

I won this great prize from Tori at Yoder Yada Yada.  Now the real prize is this lovely pot from Mud Love.  Now you really need to check out his site because all of his pottery is just wonderful and he gives a good portion of his profits to a clean drinking water project in Africa.  The really cool thing is Tori remembered that I wanted an ricer to make my she sent me one!!  Now I can really make my homemade gnocchi (which I haven't made since the last disaster with trying to grate the potatoes).  Thanks so much Tori!!

Thursday March 3:

My little Giveaway

I had a little giveaway on my blog really isn't much, but go here to enter and check out the wonderful websites of some places I visited while in Pasadena.\

Friday March 4:

And the Oscar Goes To

Bella was on of two Fifth Graders in our High School's production of The Glass Menagerie this weekend.  She played a little girl who interacts with the characters and places key phrases up on the wall behind her.  Se, obviously, didn't want me to take any pictures, thus the "Stop it Mom" look.  She was so cute and was on stage for the ENTIRE play.  She really enjoyed herself and loves all the attention from the High Schoolers. 
Saturday March 5:
 He Just Needs to Stop Growing

Andrew's first home baseball game was this afternoon.  He just looks so dang grown up.  I must say I couldn't believe this was my little boy.  They won and he played really good baseball.  I was very proud of him.

In Summary:  Phew...what a week.  It looks like I am in for many more baseball games and theaterical shows.  My students are in for a lot more fun in my classroom, and my family is in for some homemade gnocchi!!

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. My dad & I were talking about how I ALWAYS send my brother's birthday card late because his birthday is December 1 - the same for my nephew whose birthday is May 1. Those first of the month birthdays are VERY sneaky.

    I'm glad Bella enjoyed working in the play - she was really cute (I'm sure she still is, heh). And yes, Andrew is getting TOO TALL!

  2. What a wonderful, and fully packed, week you've had! Reminders to cherish, and fully embrace, the moments are always a good thing!

  3. what a fun week!

    Tori is just awesome, I miss that girl!!!

    and I also miss being in the stands at the baseball field!!

  4. That Beiber stuff is so crazy. My 5 year old heard something on the TV about "Beiber Fever", and asked me if she liked him, would she get sick? Ha ha, I told her ABSOLUTELY!!

  5. Fun pictures this week. I love the pic of your little actress with her "Stop it, Mom" look. I bet she had a lot of fun being in the play.

  6. I love gnocci!!! We had it in Argentina when I was growing up. I haven't made it for my now family. I must!
    I've been to Mud Love--great guy/owner and great giving concept!

  7. I am so glad you like the ricer!! I know it was random but I remembered. :)
    Andrew looks like he is at least 6 feet tall. Way to go Bella!! She is just so well rounded.
    As a choir teacher I am sure they want you to let them sing Justin songs too, don't they?
    Have a super week!!