Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Highlight Reel

Phew...A new week that is, hopefully, a little less hectic.  This weekend was very nice and I felt like I got caught up on a few things.

Here are the highlights:
  1. Friday afternoon Andrew had a baseball game that his dad went to as I had an afterschool Joseph rehearsal.  I hate not being at games, especially ones that he pitches at, but it was also over an hour away so I didn't really feel ALL that bad.  Thankfully his dad gave me updates and also brought him home to change and go to a friends house.  So much for seeing my kid.  Ahhh the life of a Mom of a teenager.  Bella, Rich and I went to eat at PF Changs and then went home and Rich and I watched our new Tivoed The Event.  Talk about a show that I shouldn't probably watch, yet I do.  It takes everything out of me to get through an episode.  Maybe I should look up the meaning of self preservation.
  2. Saturday started off with a workout and some cleaning and then off to Andrew's afternoon baseball game.  He pitched again and it was a beautiful day.  I am not sure how any parent survives watching their kid play a sport.  You want them to do so good so badly that sometimes it hurts.  I mean really hurts.  I can hardly watch.  Please tell me this is normal.  (Quite frankly, normal is a relative term to me so never mind.)  After the game Bella and Andrew went with their dad for the night which meant Rich and I got some alone time.  We went to eat at our favorite sushi place and went home to watch Iron Man II.  So much MORE of an Amy movie than the first one.  I really liked it.  I am a new fan of Gweneth Paltrow's, she was on Glee last week and I really think she is great.  For some reason she gets a bad rap, but I really like her.
  3. Sunday was cleaning, grocery shopping, and a trip to the library.  Yes you heard it a trip to the library.  Yes I did get a book.  Yes I started it last night.  No I haven't finished it yet.  Surprising I know.  One of my friends and collegues, who has a great blog by the way, suggested a book for me called The Art of Racing in the Rain
The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel
I did actually look for it first but it wasn't there, so I went with another chickie book.
Love the One You're With

She is an chickie author that I like so...I go with fluff once again.  I'll let you know how I like it...more than likely by tomorrow.

So that is my boring much needed relaxing weekend. 

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am starving right now, so all I really heard was PF Changs...blahblahblah...sushi....blahblahblah. Sorry!

  2. I was always so glad that my boys weren't pitchers. I don't know how the pitchers' moms did was nerveracking for me, and I wasn't their mom!

  3. My mom was a yeller - by the end of my brother's games she'd totally lost her voice. Which I didn't mind all that much. Heh.