Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Day in the Life of a School Teacher in the Summer

Well I am officially on "summer break". What that means for me is I am off this week and next week I start my 6 week summer camp job. I work at the summer camp that my school holds. I am in charge of all the Counselor's In Training. These are kids who "work" at camp, but don't get paid. They are going into 7th grade and not older than 16 (at 16 they can get paid to work). It is a great camp and my kids get to go for next to free if I work...so...I work.

Anyway...yesterday was my first day without work. I was very excited as I have a big list of things to get done before camp starts. AND GS's kids come to visit for 4 weeks starting on Friday. So like I said lots of things to get done.

First...I ran...yes I ran. It was hard. It hurt. I ran 3 miles outside.

I know what you are thinking "Geez, you ran a 10K and you are complaining about 3 measly miles."

Let me finish...geez you are sooo quick to judge.

I ran 3 miles total BUT I ran every other 1/4 mile at a sprint.

See...kinda different....

I usually do this on the treadmill at the gym, but it was such a gorgeous morning I wanted to run outside. So I had to modify...3 minutes slow then 2 1/2 minutes sprints. It about did me in, but I did it!!!

Then I got my precious girl ready for her first day at SCIENCE CAMP YEA!!! She was so looking forward to this day. She loves Science. My friend Vicki (Isabella's best friend Hannah's mom) picked her up. And NO I don't have a picture...I forgot, alright already.

Andrew went with Vicki to hang out with her son (Andrew's age)...our families just fit perfectly!!

I decided to tackle the recycling that has been sitting in my garage for oh about 6 months!! I know I am such the recycling procrastinator...but if you know what it takes to get those things turned in you would understand why I procrastinate...

Here is my thought process:

Recycling is good.

So because recycling is good I do it, and I have two choices, 1. put the bottles in the recycling bin for the recycler garbage man to take or 2. turn them in for cash (cash that I have already shelled out in deposit fees that you pay when you buy the bottles)

OF COURSE I opt for option 2...who wouldn't. I realize that the cash I get back isn't going to fund Andrew's college education, or pay for an Alaskan cruise, but I paid the money...I want it back...does one not realize the economy we live in at the moment.

So I load up the 5 bags...stinky sticky bags into the car.

Now mind you I constantly preach the gospel of "rinse out your cans and bottles before you put them into the bin" Do I hear an AMEN...anyone...anyone...

Guess not.

I drive to the recycling center...to find it closed...CLOSED...it was 11:00 and the sign said open from 8:00 - 4:00...I believe I am within that window...the injustice...I just don't understand...when a sign says you are open...you are open. Not up for debate.

So I think I need to stop trusting signs...AND that the $8.00 I am going to get out of this is SO not worth it.

But...the economy/I am a cheapskate...causes me to go home and try one more time later...I go home take out the stinky bags, cause I don't want my car to stink all the time.

In the meantime I start to clean my house...I started with my room. I washed sheets, vacuumed, dusted, heck I even cleaned the fan blades...I know crazy.

Then went back to the recycler...it was open...PHEW...I was next in line for the machines...the lines started to form...people got ugly...the poor guy working the weighing part of the station wanted to just close the gate...this is why I had 5 bags of recycling...I hate doing this.

I did get $13.66...but so not worth it.

So recap - Ran...Cleaned...Recycled

I think I am going to go back to school and see if anyone wants me to teach them something.

More Later
-A Ro


  1. I agree...I feel the need to recycle, but not enough to stand in line. I donate them to the Cub Scouts - they pick them up. Recycling and helping boy scouts buy badges and stuff, it feels good.

  2. That is a great idea...I need to get more info!!