Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Special Guest

An unrelated sidenote:

I have this scale it is, for the most part, a good scale. The one thing that I hate about it is it sometimes takes a minute to get it right. For instance, I step on the scale and it reads 105.5 *actual weights have been changed to protect the innocent. Two seconds later it turns to 106. Now that is just not fair...I tell you not fair. It never goes from 105.5 down to 105 ALWAYS up. Just not fair.

Another unrelated sidenote:

As I was running today I noticed that most houses either had an RV parked somewhere on their property OR had a space dedicated to an RV built by their house. Are RV's really THAT popular?? My family rented an RV and went on a mini was one of the most interesting trips of my life...I'll tell you about it on a day that I can't come up with something clever to write...

...probably tomorrow.

Anyway...that is not my post for the day, just some observations.My very busy day yesterday...which included two drives into the valley...(geez I hate it when i can't work things so that I only have to take one drive in)...concluded with one of my recently graduated seniors, Ariel, coming over for dinner. We had been trying to get all of my recently graduated seniors together for lunch, but ONE certain senior...Buddy, couldn't figure out his schedule so it turned out that Ariel just came over for dinner. I really like cooking for other people. Isabella loves it was a win win situation. GS grilled chicken, I made my warm goat cheese potato salad and almond green beans, and we had strawberry shortcake for dessert. It was nice to chat and spend some time together before she leaves for John Hopkins, or Harvard...she is currently wait listed at Harvard...

Hey anyone from Harvard reading my blog...I'll give you her real name if you would put a good word in for her...





Sorry Ariel...I tried...

It was a nice night and we enjoyed eating outside. Bella gave her a painted rock with her name on it and a very nice card. Ariel told Bella she would take it to her dorm room...Bella was so happy.

If only more students in the world were like Ariel... job would be so much easier.

More Later

-A Ro

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