Thursday, June 11, 2009

My kids

Well today was the last day of school for Andrew. Isabella was sick and feeling very she had to come to work with me for a few hours and then her dad came and picked her up to spend the day with him. Her last day was yesterday...I had to take pictures yesterday with her camera because I left mine at home ... I'll post photos of that when I can find the cord to her camera...

Translation: Don't hold your breath for photos of Bella's last day of school. we were pulling up today one of my student's mom pulled up beside us and came over to me and gave me this peace sign bag and said that her daughter knew that Isabella wanted we got her one. Now this bag is very popular around here. Everyone has one. Isabella has seen her friends with one and lots of my students with one too. She loves the fact that it has a peace sign because she signs all of her art work with her name and a peace symbol. So I guess she thinks that peace symbol is "her" symbol. She was so happy that she got this bag, her eyes stared to tear up. She couldn't stop talking about how she hardly knows this student of mine, yet she was nice enough to get her this bag. She also lamented on how there are some really mean people in the world and just when you give up hope of someone being genuinely nice...someone goes and gets her this bag. She was waxing very philosophical...

...I think it was the Advil/Tylenol regiment she had been on...

...I kinda hate to tell her that this bag is free if you just shop at this trendy store called South on Topanga or SoTo for short...

...I'd like her to have hope in the human race for a little longer.

Today was also Andrew's graduation day.

He graduated from 8th grade. I know...what's with the robes...geez it is only 8th grade!!! I am with you...our school goes all out.

Andrew playing bass with the jazz band.

Andrew playing cello with the orchestra.

He really does do it all...

Me and my puny sick Bella...I had a picture with Andrew but I looked horrible so it didn't make the know how that goes...thank god for digital cameras!!

I am so proud of Andrew. I wish for him the all the success in the world. To quote the chosen 8th grade speaker...I hope he always wants to come home...but only after he has gone out and rounded all the bases.

More Later

-A Ro

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