Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Talent Show Rejects Talent Show

OK here is the school has a yearly talent show. It happens at an assembly the last day of school. Kids gear up for this and work so hard to prepare acts. In years past the seniors get preference...obviously, but there was always room for the talented underclassmen. This year this was not the case...This year the senior applications overwhelmed the administration...This year only seniors were allowed to participate...This year they didn't even have to audition...if you were a senior you were in.

This year...many many many very talented kids were upset...disappointed...crushed in fact.


I had this brilliant idea that we would have a talent show rejects talent show. Those students who were associated with the music department in some way AND had an application to the talent show rejected could join us. We would have an impromptu gathering in my room during lunch on the last day of classes before finals, invite a few people, and just have a good time sharing talents. I didn't ask permission, and now I realize I probably should have. Oh well

...where did I put that darn resume??

Who knew it would turn into fire hazard central...
...It was packed in my little room...

...Literally standing room only...
...peeking through the window.

I have to tell you the "real" talent show is missing out on some of the most talented students. Here are a few of "my" kids:

This is Natalie...she sang a song she wrote. This girl can sing...she also writes beautiful songs.

This is Lindsay...she sang "Good Morning Baltimore" She has a fabulous voice. Really amazing.

This is Aaron and Alex...sooo super talented.

This is Alex...he sang and played some of John Mayer's songs. He was amazing. I couldn't believe how amazing he was...John Mayer better be looking over his shoulder.

I am such a proud mama bear.

I hope that my humble little room provided these guys a chance to show off a little and not let all their hard work go to waste.

...I also hope that I don't get a call from the head honchos or the Fire Marshall. Although they say that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

...I hope "they" are right.

More Later

-A Ro

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