Friday, June 5, 2009

Gift Cards

OK how hard is it to spend gift cards??...I mean they are a really cool gift, but for some reason they are hard to spend. I know that sounds crazy...

...OK maybe it IS crazy... this is what happened that got me to thinking about this subject...

The other day I go into Barnes and Nobel with a $25 gift card and come out with nothing...

Let me get this straight...a kind generous student gives me $25 to buy ANYTHING I want in Barnes and Nobel and I can't come up with a single thing...not one??

Now mind you I can drop twice that amount at Barnes and Nobel without a second thought when I don't have the gift card but with it...nada.

I was wandering the shelves trying to figure out why I am having such a hard time picking something out...I mean I like just about every section of Barnes and Noble...from the children's the self help (God knows I need that)...even the stationary and gift area....

but the conclusion I have come up with is I think I have such a hard time because it is "free" and you don't want to "waste" a free item....

...I know...crazy.

I go to new novels in paperback and peruse those for awhile all the time thinking "Do I really want to spend my $25 on something I can check out at the library for free...thus leaving me $25 to spend on something else.

...OK fair enough.

So I go to the self help many things to choose me with me with over me with me with loving me with loving me learn how to help me learn see what I many to choose many I need...I can't possibly only spend $25 on that!!!

...OK fair enough.

Then I peruse the children's section. Now I love children's books. I love gifting children's books. I have a niece, a niece on the way, two nephews, and two children...OK who do I spend my $25 gift card on...who do I love the that is WAY to much pressure...can't possibly do that!!

...OK fair enough.

I go to the games section thinking GS and I need a new puzzle to work on...however the only puzzle was a 2000 piece puzzle that is all one color...I have just started dating this wonderful man...don't want to go there...

...OK fair enough.

I go to the CD these prices are outrageous...I'd do better on i-tunes...

...OK fair enough.

I go to the stationary I really need more stationary??

...OK fair enough.

Do you see the trend? Do you understand my plight? Do you really care?

...OK fair enough.

-More Later

-A Ro

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