Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate

My Project 365 will be up later this evening, because today my baby sister turns 27!!!!  In honor of Kate I am giving you the top ten reasons everyone is envious of Kate.

10.  She is, and always was, a very smart and intelligent girl.  I could go into all the things she did and accomplished, but it would just make us depressed at all of our inadaquacies.

Greg and I are just hoping that by standing next to her some of it would rub off.

9.  She is stunningly gorgeous.  
 See I told you

8.  She has amazing friends.  She always has and she always will.  People just seem to gravitate towards her.  People who are kind, giving, and loyal tend to have a lot of friends.

7.  Her nieces and nephews just adore their Aunt Kate.  I might just have to admit that she is their favorite Aunt.

6.  She has siblings who love her and would do anything for her.  Like bug the crap out of her when she was younger, make dating in high school next to impossible, teach her cuss words, and let her kick all of our butts at golf and other sports.  Can't you tell how much we love her!!

5.  She has an adorable husband who loves her and lets her beat him at golf and fishing...oh wait he doesn't need to LET her beat him she just does it naturally.  Well, at least he is a good sport.

What a cute couple.

4.  She has a sister who thinks she is the greatest, taught her everything she knows (thankfully she knows a whole lot more that me), forgives her for towering over her (even though she is younger), and misses her terribly. 

3.  She was such a cute little girl.  Please forgive the horribly permed 80's look that I was sporting.

2.  She is loved by her mom.  Now I know that most little girls are loved by their mom, but our mom isn't just any ordinary mom.  She takes care of her, loves to spend time with her, loves to give her lots of advice, calls her names out of love especially when Kate is trying to help her wash dishes, and would do anything for her.

But the number one reason why everyone is envious of Kate is....

Because this sweet red headed bundle of joy and love who breaks my heart everytime I see a picture of her, gets to call her Mama...well she isn't saying it quite yet, but she is exceptional just like her mom so it won't be long now.

Happy Birthday Kate.  I adore and miss you more than you will ever know, and I am proud to call you my sister.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. So adorable! And so true! We love you Kate...happy birthday! Love, The Andrew Family (Ryan's version)