Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank Goodness That's Over!!

I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but we just moved.  Yes, I was just kidding I know I have mentioned it a hundred couple times.
Well moving really brings some things to the forefront of ones mind, as well as a whole lot of junk and dust.  I thought I just mention a few, or ten things that I noticed over the course of our move.
  1. I had so many cute and original picture ideas.  I thought it would be cool to take a picture of the empty room and then the room with all the furniture.  I thought it would also be neat to take a picture of Isabella's bunkbed in its box and then all put together.  However, when push came to shove, and I mean that quite literally, I was lucky that I could still find my car keys let alone my camera.  Needless to say that my creative side took a backseat to my sleep deprived side.
  2. Fourteen year old boys who are almost 5'7" can no longer sleep on a twin bed.  Their toes hang over the edge, but what I quickly found out was that the double bed is the same legnth as the twin.  Only the queen and king size beds get longer.  Thankfully we shopped for the his new bed early in the weekend move extravaganza because I was coherant enought to realize this BEFORE we bought the bed, put it together and THEN find out he is still too tall.  Phew!!
  3. Swedish furniture stores, while providing very economical and practical pieces of furniture, need to understand that the mentality of the crazed furniture purchaser, 17 digit order numbers, pieces sold separately, and a self serve warehouse, don't mix.  Thank you nice man in the blue jacket, who worked in said warehouse, for finding the right bed from the description "cute, tan, bunkbed, about yea high" when said crazezd furniture purchaser (me) wrote down the 17 digit order number for the bedspread instead of the actual bed.   
  4. Most couples when faced with a box (or two) of pieces that need to be turned into a bunk bed, from said Swedish furniture store using only an allen wrench and instructions that have no words only pictures, usually decide that it is best to go it alone with no help from the crazed furniture shopper, However, Rich was very kind to crazed furniture shopper when he absolutely needed her help, and together they built not only the bunk beds, but a queen size bed for growing teenager, AND a computer desk with no yelling, crying, or gnashing of teeth.  Now that is true love.
  5. When you change internet providers and the guy comes to hook up the new DSL one needs pay close attention to what phone jack he is using, or one might end up with a phone cord stretched from her kitchen, to the computer in the living room.
  6. When you call said DSL provider you need to wrap your head around the concept that the old owners liked to surf the web while cookin' up some grub because that is the only line that can accept the DSL signal.
  7. When you go to Best Buy to buy a new internet router and wireless internet card for the PC because you will be darned if a) your computer is hooked up next to your stove, and b) you will forever have a phone cord stretched across your kitchen to the living room, you should know that when he says "all you have to do is plug it in and go" translates to 3 hours on the phone with Darshbeer in India (and he is in India because we asked).  Just a little heads up for you.
  8. Scheduling the refrigerator, Direct TV, and the furniture delivery all at the same time really does cut down on the craziness of moving, what it doesn't cut down on is the amount of butt cracks ones sees in a day.  Add the two movers that helped us with the large items and I can safely say that my butt crack punch card is full. 
  9. I have so much crap.  I guess it should be WE have so much crap.  How did we get so much crap??  I am not a saver, I don't shop endlessly for STUFF, but still we accumulated so much crap.  No more I tell you...NO MORE.
  10. There are a few situations that a couple face in their relationship that are big tell tale situations.  Situations that you get to see the REAL side of someone.  Having kids, medical emergencies, and moving together, are big ones in my book.  As sad as it seems to me Rich and I will never have kids together, so that one is out.  We have already had our medical emergency situation come up when I cut my fingers badly.  He passed that one  by remaining calm, cool, and collected and took care of me, I guess that is a perk of marrying an air traffic controller, everything seems small compared to having more lives in your hands on any given day than a doctor has in his career.  Well, let me tell you he passed the moving situation with flying colors too.  He was the calm in the midst of the storm.  Nothing phased him, he lifted, moved, cleaned, drove, loaded, unloaded, and put together with the patience of Job.  I am so lucky to be on this life journey with him. 
Butt cracks aside, it really wasn't that bad!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. You are so funny - butt cracks - heh. I remember when Mike & I started "dating" I had a twin bed at my apartment. We tried sleeping on it a few times - I'm 5'4", but he's 6'2". And while we're both larger than we were then - we were not SMALL people. It was kind of funny.

  2. Oh I feel your pain with the internet nonsense. It took us more than just one phone call to India : )

    Glad you've survived! Now enjoy your new home.

  3. Hi Amy-
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  4. Oh, I was laughing at #8! That is too funny!

  5. I still have the one and only piece of IKEA furniture that Mr. CPQ and I built together.

    Actually, he built it while I read the instructions first and then he tore it apart and rebuilt it correctly after I pointed out all his errors.