Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

Second week of "summer vacation" down nine to go.  Let me tell you they are just flying by.  Now I put summer vacation in parenthesis because I am actually working for six weeks.  Those weeks are filled with field trips, dress up days, keeping my eye on 34 teenagers, and giving many voice lessons to students who are going to be headed off to many many auditions next year.  These summer weeks sure have a way of flying by so I am really trying to savor each and every moment. 

I want to give a big thank you to my very well educated friend Roger who sent me a nice message telling me how much he enjoyed my blog and that I should keep doing it.  Thanks for the shot in the arm. 

Off the personal rant and on to tell me why Tuesdays:  YIPEE

1.  Why does watching my towering 14 year old son hold hands and walk a small scared kindergartner to her camp class make me want to cry? #seenotallteenagersaretoocoolforschool

2.  Why does getting to sleep in a whole hour each day make me so very happy? #pillowtimeisunderrated

3.  Why does it please me so much to try cooking a new meal to try to please a picky eater and to have her say "Can I have some more please? #stepmomtobescoringpoints

4.  Why does June gloom have to rear its ugly head on the day of the water slide? #fearlessfrozenkindergartenerswithtinybluelipspleasesmothernature

5.  Why can I run 6 miles but playing soccer for 30 minutes with a 9 and 12 year old wears me out? #iamclearlynotnineoreleven

6.  Why does this salad at Chuck E Cheese cost a whopping $7.50??


7.  Why does hearing ELO's Turn to Stone make me happy on this dreary day? #lovethatrockinoldschooltechnosound

8.  Why after all this time do I still look forward to coming home to Rich each day? #sweetwonderfulmanwhomakesmyheartsing

9.  Why am I so looking forward to July 5th? #disneylandwithrichbellaandsarahyipee

10. Why did someone think that a gyro stand, a $.99 store booth, and a bouncy house make a Greek festival worth $2.00 admission? #gladigotfreeticketsofftheinternet

11.  Why couldn't I just stop at 10? #imfeelingwildandrecklesstoday

Hope you feel a little wild and reckless today too...but just a little.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I'm enjoying your "spunk" today!
    Go get 'em Girl!!
    BTW, what's for dinner?

  2. Seriously, one of these Tuesdays I'm going to join you - I think these are just great!