Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T-Ball Life Lessons

Many people spend lots of money on big colleges and come away with a degree or two, but I am telling you all you really need to learn in life comes from your first year playing t-ball.

1.  Big or small if we all run in the same direction great things can be accomplished.
2.  Daddies can teach little boys many things if they will only listen.
3.  Little boys can teach daddies many things, like don't stand too close to a t-ball tee when I have a bat because it is...oh about yea high.

4.  Be weary of cute little girls with pigtails...they will get you every time.

5.  Always listen to a man with a bat your coaches in life...they can teach you a lot.

6.  Cute little girls with pigtails can be very nice to have around...sometimes.

7.  Daddies arms can always make a little boy feel better...even in the middle of the game.
8.  Little boys will always need their daddies...even in the middle of the game.
  9.  It is important to find good friends and stick together.

10.  Little boys will always look to their mom for encouragement and support.
11.  Moms will always be there to give it.
12.  Dads will always try to point you in the right just gotta do the running.
13.  It is always important to keep rooting for the underdog...'cause even the Cubs might someday surprise you.
14.  Have fun and smile, it will get you through any situation.

More Later
- A Ro


  1. This was so cute! And that first picture is precious...they look like miniature people : )

  2. i'm glad to know they look like people.


  3. Awwww.... the hand-holding is heart-melting. Simply precious. :)

  4. Three year old t-ball is quite entertaining, very funny to be a part of. Ryan & Stacia