Saturday, June 19, 2010

Project 365 Week 25

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It has been a busy but very fun week...wanna see??  Not sure these are in the right order...hmmm.



Not sure any of the dads I know would like this...but at least Kohls is all inclusive!!


Big Girl Bike Rider

She just keeps getting better and better.  She loves it now...I am so happy and proud.


Nana and Bella

My mom was here visiting for this week so we went to Disneyland!!  Tuesday night we stayed at a hotel and ate at the Downtown Disney's ESPN Zone.  It was a lot of fun.


Toy Story Mania

Loved this did too.  Don't we look so cool?!?


Note to Self: Salvation Army = Good Craig's List = Bad

Tried to sell futon on Craig's List...girl said she wants it and will meet us in Simi.  An hour and a half later...after waiting in an empty house with nothing to do, she calls and said she just picked up another one and no thanks. GRRRRR


Time to Say Good-Bye

We had so much fun with Nana we hated to see her go.  She and Rich went back to Iowa together, as he is going to go get his daughter for summer visitation.  They were both happy not to have to travel alone.


Calling Martha Stewart, Come In Martha Stewart

Hung some pictures today.  I heard about grid placement and continuing the pattern on the other side of a window to try to tie the whole wall feeble attempt, but I like it.

Had a great week full of many many blessings...tune in tomorrow for my Father's Day Post.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I like your picture pattern! When we moved here (a YEAR ago) Dr. M hung some pictures in the living room. And that was it. We still have stacks of pictures in the bedroom waiting to be sorted & hung or stored. Sheesh!

    Glad your mom was able to come for a visit! Will Rich be bringing his daughter to stay with you guys? If so, that sounds like a good/healing thing.

  2. so fun to have family in!!!

    Isn't it great to see your kids accomplish something big and thoroughly enjoy it?!!

  3. That Kohl's promo is quite funny! My husband would not be thrilled if I remembered him with that!
    How fun for your mom to be there! I LOVE the glasses. So good to see lots of pictures of BOTH kids this week!
    Hope you are continuing to get settled in (the pictures look good btw) and enjoying your new home!
    Have a great week!!

  4. Yay! We're both posting on time this week! Aren't you proud of us? Ha!

    The Kohl's pic cracks me up. I'm sure there are some who might appreciate that. ;)

    Way to go, Bella!! And wonderful to have family in town. Good memories!

    Craig's List... double grrrr! Feel your pain.

  5. Disneyland?! How fun!! Looks like y'all had a wonderful visit with your mom.

    Sorry about the couch thing. I haven't had success with Craigslist either. At least not from a seller's perspective.

    Way to go, Martha!!

  6. I ♥ Disneyland! What fun! Our favorite ride there is the Astroblaster. We have not been since the other has been there...need to go! Bummer about the long wait, people can be so insensitive. And your pictures look great, I am all about symmetry!