Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And Then I Set the Chicken on Fire

The only reason that Blogger is not dead to me is that I got our crummy old laptop to finally connect to the internet.  You see we have one computer in the family room that is shared by two adults and two pre-teens.  (I'll give you three guesses as to who gets more computer time and the first two don't count)  AND to add to the problem when I finally found the window of opportunity between watching youtube of videos of Glee and Club Penguin, Blogger decided to not cooperate.  So thankfully our laptop decided to cooperate or you would have started to wonder where the heck A-Ro went to (not that you haven't thought that a hunderd times in the past month)

But enough of the excuses.

This weekend started out great only after we spent a trillion dollars to get the water pump fixed on my car.  Thankfully Rich had the day off and it didn't pull the driving-on-the-101-break-down-in-the-carpool-lane-at-rush-hour breakdown, it gave me some warning.  So besides the fact We're back to eating college dinner menus, it wasn't so painful.  The great weekend truly started that night at dinner. Rich and I had a date night at our favorite shee shee fru fru restaurant, that if not for the cheap happy hour and gift certificate from a faboulous student, we would never go.  It was so nice to sit and chat and do a little gazing and cooing...ok not really all that much gazing and cooing but a lot of chatting.  We did a little shoping and coffee drinking and got home by 9:00 and in bed by 10:00.  We are such the party animals.

Saturday morning was full of errands and picking up the golden car.  Rich had been complaining of his eye hurting and quite frankly I just added it to the elbow, knees, and back aches that my fabulous husband has been complaining about.  No big deal, just a sty or an eyelash.  So by the time I had started de-Christmas-ing our house Rich decided he needed to go to urgent care.  He clearly understood my manic need to finally put our Christmas decorations away because he didn't even ask me to go with him.  I figured that the doctor would take one look at his eye tell him to go put a warm compress on it, give him a lollypop, pat him on the head and demand that he go home and help his wife take down the tree and get the chicken on the grill.  However, after taking down all the decorations, breaking two ornaments, and wrestling our big tree out to the garage I realize there is no sign of Rich.  So, I decide to text him, see if he is sporting an eyepatch, and find out how to start the grill.  He tells me he is still waiting and gave me the instructions on how to start the grill.  I do EXACTLY what he says, start the potatoes and the lentil salad and go out to put the chicken on the grill as it has been 20 minutes since I lit the grill and the coals needed to be spread out the the chicken put on. 

Next thing I know the chicken is full-out on fire.  I yelled something (probably R rated) and out comes Justin to find me standing next to the grill which is now completely ablaze.  I grab the hose and turn it on only to realize that the nozzle is locked in the "on" position and by realize I mean squirt me straight in the face.  I threw the hose down and said some more R rated words.  Justin calmly un-locked the hose and I proceeded to douse the chicken.  We both stood their for a few seconds and just stared at the drenched grill not knowing whether to laugh or cry when he said something to the effect of "well I guess that solved the problem".

As I was driving off to the store to get some more meat Rich called, which instantly started the waterworks.  I couldn't get a coherent word out of my mouth through all the tears.  Thankfully he is an air traffic controller and had the necessary skills to talk me down.

As it turns out he had a small round object on his pupil.

Not that I would wish pain on the man I love, but it is a good thing something was seriously wrong.

...enough said.

More Later

- A Ro

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  1. LOL - I don't think I'd even attempt to mess with a real grill on my own. When Mike's not here it's the Foreman grill all the way :)

    Hope Rich's eye is better!