Monday, January 30, 2012

The One Where She Roof Tests the Computers

Computers stink.  OK maybe they don't stink all the time, I mean how could I ever find the recipe for Moo Shu Tofu Wraps, or keep in touch with my extended family. mean I could look in a cookbook and call them on the phone??

But what about when you need to know how old Betty White is or how many lead singers the band Chicago went through before Peter Cetera joined up or what your blogger friends are up to.

See, a little more important than once thought.

Well, my love/hate relationship with computers these days stems from none of the ones in my possession working lately.  I had all these great blog posts to my doomed from the start, Photo Friday, and my Weekend Update.  So now that I am on a working computer, for the moment, I will try to combine a few posts.

So my photos for last week are a little unrelated.

OK, these two...crazy girls.  Bella got these stick on moustaches at the bowling alley and she couldn't wait to wear them with Sarah.  They went to the park and rode their bicycles and played on the swings.  I can only imagine the looks they got.  Love these guys!!

This was a lovely sight as I was going to work.  I love the sunrises here.

Then we have Bella's latest oil painting.  I hung it in my room at school, and I think it is just wonderful.  She told me that it was Rich and me walking together.  So sweet.

This Friday Bella got to spend the night on the gym floor in her sleeping bag for a Math Mentor's sleep over.  Our school pairs middle school girls with high school girls for math help and support, and Friday was their annual sleepover.  Sad to say Bella was one of the only one that didn't have an air mattress, I told her that sleeping on the floor was what made women women.  She was a trooper and did what any middle school girl would do in her case, stayed up until midnight, jacked up on Sprite, and slept it off the next day.

Saturday Sarah, Rich and I picked up Bella and went to get breakfast together.  Sarah ate a huge plate of Eggs Benedict. 

cue sound effect of a record needle scratching over a record

Yes, this girl who was the pickiest eater on the planet loves Egg Benedict, runny egg and all. 

We then went to the mall to shop for Bella's cotillion dress.  It was fun to watch my sorta tom boy try on dresses and actually like them. 

one tear

Rich and I went back to the mall that night and ate at our favorite Italian restaurant, and walked around the mall yet again.  The mall in the evening gets a little weird.  We saw a woman huddled on the ground with her family crying, a very elderly man stare for a few minutes at a poster in the GNC of a very buff man, and a pair of $495.00 white Prada shoes at Nordstroms...crazy I tell you.

Now mind you I don't usually shop at Nordstroms, maybe Nordstrom Rack, but never the actual Nordstroms.  However, I had a gift certificate and it is the only place in the mall that sells Spanx.  Considering I wept when I put my thumb through my last pair, I needed a new pair.

Sunday was the usual.  Except Rich grilled steak and salmon, and oh my goodness the salmon was melt in your mouth delicious.  After dishes, homework, and laundry was done we all sat down to watch our Tivo'd Modern Family episodes.  I laughed so hard I could barely breath.  Andrew came home from orchestra and we ended up watching one episode almost twice.  I love that show.

So I have a few pictures of the weekend.  Namely Bella's cotillion dress, and a bridal window display at Nordstroms where the mannequins had wedding cakes on their heads...yeah, only at Nordstroms.

So hopefully Photo Friday is a go this week...

...unless I do decide to roof test my computers.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Your daughter had a talent with art! Wow!!! I was blown away!

  2. Those girls ARE nuts :)

    I wondered if that was you & Rich - most excellent artwork!