Thursday, September 30, 2010


So I am sitting here trying to figure out how to explain the last couple of days around here.  I sorta feel like I am in an alternate universe of weirdness.

First of all to say that it has be unseasonably hot around here would be like saying that Lindsay Lohan has a few problems.  Seriously, it has been in the low 100's for the past few days.  People...need I remind you that we had the first day of fall a week or so ago.  I know that I live in California but it seems like at any moment Lucifer is going to stop me on the street and ask me where the nearest post office is so he can get a change of address card.

It is supposed to chill out a little this weekend, geez I hope so.

On another weather note we had thunderstorms and rainbows last night.  It was weird to be at soccer practice in California and feel like I was transported back to my middle school days of being drug to my brother's practices and having to figure out where we were going to take cover based on the dark clouds looming overhead.  We just don't get that kind of weather here.

On two occasions we have come home to the smell of smoke.  On Monday we come home to a packed freeway and a fire on a hill about a mile from our house.

Thankfully they got it put out shortly after I took this photo, but man it was a little scary.  No wind though so that was a blessing.

Then on Wednesday we got out of the car to this sight.
Firetrucks at the end of our street.  The laundromat down the street had caught on fire so they closed the main street and diverted all that traffic down our little street.  Now what confuses me is that it takes a GPS system and a bloodhound to get to any main street out of the back side of our neighborhood.  Good luck with that.

I'm telling you it was like the movie Groundhog Day.  We get home after dealing with unusual traffic, park the car, grab the camera and run through the park to see what was going on. 

Just so you know I am a lot less obviously curious without my two kids, but they seem to feel the need to find out what the heck is going on AND are willing to go figure it out.  Me I would have just wondered what was going on but would have been too embarrassed to go poking around. 

I am subtly nosy, they are the obnoxiously nosy....yeah that is it.

However, there was a good side to being in an alternate universe for the past week.

I found these shoes:
Now I know what you are are thinking that you know me so well that finding a pair of shoes that I actually bought isn't SO alternate universe-y...but let me tell you this.

They are perfect dressy shoes for all of my concerts.

They fit perfectly.

They are OH SO CUTE!!


They are Maxx Studio shoes.

They cost $149.00...originally.

I got them for $16.00.

I know...right??

Now, would I deal with 100 degree temperatures, thunderstorms, and brush fires to stay in this alternate universe so I can continue to find good shoe deals??

More Later

- A Ro


  1. $16? NO WAY!
    The wildfires would be a pretty scary thing, I mean, if there's a tornado or hurricane, you can leave and pray that everything will be okay, and, even if there's some damage, you may not lose all of your belongings. But a fire...

  2. You really DO live in California - you know it'll be the sight of the apochalypse, right?

    Woot on the shoes!

  3. We've had monsoon like weather here all week except wednesday when it was like the middle of has been odd. Glad those fires stayed away