Sunday, September 12, 2010

Project 365 Week 37

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Well once again I am a little late with the Project 365.  It has been a busy week.  I know, I know, that is what I ALWAYS say, well if the shoe it!!  ha ha.

Anyhoo, my week consisted of a fight with the mean misunderstood lady at the DMV.  Soccer with Andrew reffing AND Bella playing.  We also cast our Middle School production of Annie.  I got some cute pictures of my nephew JoJo.  Finally, I almost was a unwilling member of a Zumba Yoga rumble. 

Here is a sneak peak...but you'll have to come back to get all the details.


Playing with Fire

We got out the fire pit and of course chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows.  It was the perfect night to sit outside and enjoy the fire.  She looks so spooky.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Here are some of the pictures we hung today.  We Rich got a new laser level and we went to town.  I love walking down this hallway now!! 



Took a Yoga class tonight.  Yogees are very serious about their center and calm.  Zumba-ees are very serious about their hooping and hollering.  See the problem???


One of My Favorites

Even though we hung this on Monday I caught myself just staring at this picture today.  It is one of my favorites so I grabbed my camera and snapped it.  It truly captures the happiness we both felt after our beautiful ceremony.



I thought since it was a no school day for us that it would be a great day to go get my new license.  Little did I know that a) other people were off today b) this line was to just to CHECK IN c) I would get a stubborn DMV chick and d) not too many people in California get married in Missouri.  Trouble.


The Sun Will Come Out...TOMORROW!!!

We posted the cast list today.  It is always one of the hardest things I do at work.  We had over 59 people audition which means that we get to disappoint about 50 middle schoolers.  I hate doing that.  They get this idea the if they don't get the lead or the part they want it means that they aren't good enough.  What they fail to realize is that sometimes their beautiful voices don't "fit" the part they are auditioning for.  For example, we have boys who's voices aren't done changing yet and no matter how beautiful their voices are they can't play a part written for a man.  Hopefully I can make them all undersand.


My Big Boy

This picture makes me SO happy.  Look how "official" he looks.  He is such a grown up boy.  I love this guy!!  Plus I can't believe we got this picture...I think Bella took it.

In Summary:  I love fire pits, and pictures of our wedding.  I love the calming effects of Yoga until the Zumba-ees show up.  Someday, I'll get over my DMV experience and having to disappoint so many of my students.  Mostly I am thankful this week for my kids, Rich, and my life.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. What a busy week! I really don't like the DMV - although my last couple of experiences haven't been too bad. But it always feels like no matter how well prepared I am I've forgotten something.

    LOVE the wedding hallway!

  2. Oh s'mores...YUM. Love your hall of photos...looks great. And I have never tried yoga..not sure I could stay that quiet! lol Annie is one of my all time favorite movies...hope your play goes well. And your boy does look very official; hope he had a great experience.

  3. Your hallway looks great.
    I don't much care for going to DMV either. DMV worker are usually so grumpy. I know they deal with even grumpier people on a regular basis but if I'm being nice and polite why should I be at the brunt of someone else's bad day :(

    Now ya got me wanting smores!

  4. even though it was busy, it seems like a great week...well, minus the DMV!

  5. DMV brings out the worst in me. I've found that if I turn it into a "this will give me a blog post for tomorrow" experience, it goes much better.

  6. What?! I beat you posting? Ha!! Love your pictures in the hall. Perfect! And your big boy looks so official. :) DMV = Ewe. I just watched Annie {again} with my Nator tonight. Fire pits are so much fun!