Thursday, September 23, 2010


It started as an innocent trip to the mall to go to The Gap.  You see, I have these 40% off one item coupons that are good each of the four Wednesdays in September, and I have had my eye on these pants since August:

They are Perfect Trouser Pants.  The reason I love them is they fit me perfectly and are the correct legnth.  I am not a unusally short person, but it seems every pair of pants I try on I would need to wear 6 inch stilettos to actually be tall enough for them not to drag on the floor.  That isn't a good idea for numerous reasons not the least being that sometimes people just call me...Grace.  SO...considering that it is the third Wednesday in the month and I have yet to use one of my coupons I talked Rich into going to the mall with me before dinner.  When I mean talking Rich into going I mean..."hey I'm going to the mall you wanna come?"...and he says sure.  I think he likes hanging out with me, but that is just a guess.

So we went to the mall to buy my Gap pants.  And I see the following things:

Do you see what I see??

A freaking wreath...not one of those festive fall wreaths a wreath with a RED BOW and CHRISTMAS COLORED BALLS!!!


People it is September 22nd...the first day of fall.


As I was standing there with my mouth gaping open.  It is bad enough that society allows the commercialization of Christmas at all.  It is the birth of Jesus Christ not some holiday made for people to exploit and make money off of.  And now they are starting in September.  What kind of people run this mall?  What kind of people would even shop here? (besides me in my search for 40% off Gap pants) Who's brilliant idea was this? Who do I talk to to put a stop to this nonsense?!?!?!

Then I notice this sign:

So in the words of Emily Litela

More Later

- A Ro


  1. I was in a home furnishings store at my moms this week and they had a small tree and ornaments and some Christmas dishware displayed. I commented and the lady behind the counter said people were snatching it up. I love the fall decor and I don't like to see it all mixed together. Yuk.

  2. That sounds like something I would do: Get in a "tizzy" just to find out there was a reason behind the insanity!

  3. I was freaking out right along with you, lol!