Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesdays

I know you were looking forward to it...you can admit it.  Not sure if I can live up to your expectations, probably not, but I'll try!!

That's me, always willing to give things my best shot.

1.  Why is it SO difficult to help Bella study for her Archeology vocabulary quiz? #whatexcactlyisaprimarysourceartifact

2.  Why is it SO hard to watch my boy pitch for his team? #nottooconfidentofwherehegotthatathleticgene

3.  Why does all the crazy nonsense not bother me so much anymore? #moreandmorePROOFofchildishanddecitfulbehavior

4.  Why have I not received my official drivers license in the mail yet? #evilwishesofdmvladyatwindowten

5.  Why am I not looking forward to changing my name on my car title? #potentialofgettingdmvladyatwindowten

6.  Why do people who hate blogs and hate me keep reading my blog and then are so gutless that they comment as other people? #beatstheheckoutofme

7.  Why during my 4 mile run tonight did I keep thinking about Doodle Jump? #doodlejumphasinfiltratedmyreality  OR  #iwasrunningonlandthatihadtojumpanddodgerocksandpotholes

8.  Why do I love making cake pops? #thelooksonmyfamilyandstudentsfaces

9.  Why do I need to stop blogging at only 9 right now? #GOTTAWATCHCHUCK!!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Yep, I look forward to them. Not afraid to admit it. ;) #6, really?? 4 miles? You are my hero! Here's hoping you don't get the same dmv lady again. Shivers.

  2. I look forward to this too. I've thought about joining you, but I'm not sure my peeps would be able to read the answers (I can picture an email from aunt V asking what in the world?).

    I want you to leave the evil comments so we can come on here & defend your honor!