Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tell Me Why Tuesday

I am telling you I totally need a button for this Tuesday post.  Yeah and I totally need another couple hours in a day too, but that isn't happening. 

Anyhoo...here is my weekly musings about why things are the way they are.

1.  Why do I always fall on my butt when someone important is looking? #atleastmyskirtdidntflyup

2.  Why does Shutterfly refuse to allow me to upload my pictures? #corporateconspiricyorusererrorhmmm?

3.  Why does Cheesecake Factory insist on using take home containers that have little ridges on the bottom? #dontthinkiamaboveusingmytongue

4.  Why don't parents realize that I don't make school policy? #angryparentanditisonlydayfive

5.  Why does it have to rain on my week for outside lunch duty? #kharmabecauseichoselunchdutyonashortweek

6.  Why did Bella and I find it necessary to not only Tivo Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam but also have a movie night to watch it?  #wewoulddoanythingforjuniormintsandpopcorn

7.  Why can't some people realize that when you sign an agreement you need to follow that agreement?  If you don't then there are consequences...#duhyouarenotabovetherules

8.  Why is it that some people can do whatever they want no matter how wrong it is, and never pay a price?  #injusticeissounfair

9.  Why am I on a soapbox? #dontworryimdonenow 

10. Why did I not know about dark chocolate peanut M&M's until yesterday?  #mywaistlinethanksyou

There you go...any insight is much appreciated!!

More Later

- A Ro


  1. #4-some parents like to get an early start with the complaining.

    My daughter just started her online graphics business...she does buttons : )


  2. I haven't tried the dark chocolate M&Ms, but I can totally recommend the pretzel ones.

  3. how did you know that i am cr-aving peanut m&ms lately?? maybe i should try the dark choc? or not?? ;)

    #3 made me giggle. :)

  4. I was laughing at #3! I dare anyone to say they don't use their tongue to get that last little bit!

  5. I had the same thought about my yogurt today - and I ain't no Gene Simmons - my tongue won't go to the bottom of the cup. I just finished eating some peanut butter m&ms - oh my goodness how delicious!

  6. I'm with Carpool Queen on the m&m deal. I've eaten mini-pretzels along with m&m's for YEARS. Then over the weekend I saw pretzel m&m's! I'm in so much trouble.