Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Purge

I have some blogs that I read that have cute titles for their Monday posts.  CPQ uses Monday Musings and Linda over at 2nd cup uses Weekend Recap.

I decided that mine needs to accurate describe MY Monday post.  CPQ's is definitely musings, she is very clever in her weekend summary, and the Linda's Recap is so neat and tidy.

Mine is just a purge.

But I'll number things so that we all feel a little more organized.

1.  It was a no kid weekend.  This means I spend most of it calling and missing the kidlets.  They appease me and answer the phone and tell me how much they love me.  It's all good.

2.  This also means Rich and I get to do fun and exciting stuff, just the two of us.  For us this meant eating dinner at Mama Ritas. grocery shopping, and laying in bed playing Doodle Jump...the i-touch game...just making sure you understood that.

3.  Saturday morning was spent purchasing my new toy...

I know that the word toy and mop should not be in the same sentence because toys are supposed to be fun, and mops are not.

But just hear me out. 

I like doing things that make me a little bit more "green" and I love a clean house and being efficient.  See for me super cool mop = toy.  It works like a charm with no bucket, cleaner, and yucky old mop.

4.  Last week I told my Upper School Chorus that if we could get through a rotation (week) of warm ups with total focus and no talking I would make cake pops for them.  I also decided to make them for Rich's work as a thank you for the group wedding gift. 

The ones for my students had "Ssh..." written on them and Rich's had "thank you".  Many of you three of you wanted to know how to do it, so here is my original post on making cake pops.  A couple of tips if you choose to make them: 1) Only use about half of the tub of frosting...too much makes them too mushy.  2) Make sure that the chocolate is melted completely it needs to be nice and runny...a little Crisco helps this out.  1T for each bag of Wilson's Candy Melts. 3) Bakerella has a mini video up at Amazon to promote her new book Cake Pops.  Check out the video for even more tips.  I'll be making them again for Halloween so I'll post new pics then.

5.  I miss these snuggle bugs, but thanks for the pics Stacia!!
6.  My Iowa Hawkeyes lost to my Arizona Wildcats.  You see I did my undergrad at University of Iowa "Go Hawkeyes" and I got my Master's Degree from the University of Arizona "Go Wildcats".  However, I am a Hawkeye through and through...and they lost miserably.  I am sure that my constant bragging Facebook posts each time Iowa did something good caused the tide to immediately turn for them. 

For that I apologize. 

You can blame the blocked punt for a touchdown, the 5 sacks in a row, and the interceptions on my hubris enthusiaism.  What you cannot blame on me is the horrendous outfit that the announcer chose to wear.  Short sleeve white shirt with a black tie.  I realize Mr. Announcer that it was hot, but c'mon a Speedo with a hairy chest would have been a better look. He must not have been married, 'cause no woman would have let him out of the house like that...he might as well had on white shoes and black nylons in December.  Geez!!

7.  Sunday started with a wonderful walk with Rich and Maggie, followed by Andrew's baseball game and ended with reading some blogs and writing my own.  A really wonderful day.

If you are still reading this last sentence after the title and the incessant rambling...I thank you, and I'm sorry.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Purge works for me. Its a good mental image. My blog is kinda where I empty all the junk from my brain. It accumulates fast!

  2. Let me know how the Shark works. The boys are still in love with the WetJet, but I'm always keeping the next new thing in mind so they'll want to mop instead of me.

  3. So glad you explained "Doodle Jump"! The cake pops look like a great idea.
    I tagged you in my post today!

  4. I either need a Shark or Carpool Queen's boys to do my mopping. Seriously, I have a small kitchen & a tiny bathroom - & I still hate to mop (it's all wrapped up in that hating to vacuum business).