Monday, November 23, 2009

And Bella Makes Two

Nothing messes up big plans like a sick 9 year old. The sick 14 year old is a little easier to navigate because he can stay home by himself. Granted the house is a little worse for the wear, but at least I can work and keep Bella's schedule of soccer and art classes. Although Bella could run our household single-handedly she would have a hard time giving herself all that much needed love and attention that 9 year olds need to get better. She has exactly what Andrew had but she has a low grade fever.

Saturday night we had plans to see our schools production of Macbeth, which Bella filmed a cameo as an apparition in the fourth act. Needless to say that sitting through that particular Shakespeare tragedy with a splitting headache might not be such a great idea.

But the big problem is tomorrow. The fourth graders were going to go on an all day field trip to the ocean to pretend to be deck hands on a real schooner. They get to do what real sailors do. According to Isabella she has been looking forward to this trip "her whole life". She was looking forward to the 2 hour bus ride because "she never gets to just talk with her friends". She just "doesn't know how she will be able to get over this". Now I don't know about you but nothing screams fun like going to the cold ocean pretending to be sailors. I am pretty sure that their lives back then didn't involve buffets, little drinks with umbrellas, and cruise directors named Julie. Nevertheless, she wants to go and she is broken up about it.

Now I know that you are doing the math. Andrew got sick and now Bella. You are thinking that I am next. I'll have you know that I have avoided all sickness so far this year. It is odd because I don't have a spleen and doctors have told me that I am more susceptible to getting sick. The reason I don't have a spleen is a whole other post that I'll bore you with later. As my doctor always tells me I am the healthiest person he knows who is about ready to fall apart. He just doesn't know that I cannot fall apart yet. I have things I need to finish... my children's scrapbooks, losing 15 pounds, and figuring out an easy way to clean my ceiling fans.

I think I am going to be around a long time

...however next week I could be sicker than a dog.

...I'll keep you posted.

More Later

-A Ro

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  1. I hope Bella feels better soon & that you don't get sick! I know how she feels - it's tough to be excluded even if the outing isn't as glorious as she imagines it will be.