Friday, November 20, 2009

Baby Come Back

Not to be confused with Baby GOT Back...although I have looked in the mirror a few times lately and I do have some "back"...but that is a topic for another day!!

Now the song I reference today is how I feel. GS has gone to Iowa to visit his kids and take care of some business...and quite frankly...I want him to come back!! I know he'll be back late tomorrow night, but that is not NOW.

I would like to think of myself as an independent woman who doesn't need a man in her life...and if push came to shove I think I COULD be that kind of woman, but at this point I have an amazing man in my life and, quite frankly, I need him back.

...this has nothing to do with the fact that tonight is garbage night which means I will have to empty all the garbage cans haul it out to the bin and then haul the bins to the street.

...OK maybe a little.

BUT I miss so many more things.

I miss my good night and good morning kisses.

I miss seeing his smiling face when he walks in the door after a long days work.

I miss holding hands just because we like to be near each other.

I miss seeing my daughter's face when she hears the garage door open and realizes her object of tormenting is home.

I miss having a cooking partner...his job consists of chopping, stirring, and closing all the kitchen cabinets behind me...and sometimes the refrigerator door. I guess my dad was right when he would ask me if I lived in a barn.

I miss talking to him.

I miss the easy going personality that keeps me grounded and happy.

I miss catching him looking lovingly at me.

OK I am a diva and I admit that I need the constant attention and stroking he gives me...I am spoiled and if he doesn't come home quickly I am going to throw a good old fashioned temper tantrum... won't be pretty.

...Allegiant Air, you better get my GS home safely and on time!!!

More Later

-A Ro


  1. Never fear, he'll return and you'll get the lovely anticipation of seeing him again.

    I honestly don't think that preferring to have a particular person around is a sign of any kind of weakness. It's important to know that no matter what, you'll always be fine as long as you have you, but it's awfully nice to love someone enough that you'd rather have him (or her) in addition to you :-)

    Long, long ago a male friend of mine was joking about the "TAKE ME TO WORK WITH YOU!" stage of love ...and if you're really lucky? That never really passes :-)

  2. I don't like it when Dr. M is gone either. Fortunately that's not very often. I don't even enjoy time spent alone in the house without him. I think I will, but then I get bored with my own company & wish he'd get back soon!

  3. Johnathan is ready to fight you for Uncle Which (Uncle Rich). He looked out the window today and said "where which go??".

  4. Uncle Which misses him too. He wishes Shelby loved him as much!! They are very cute kids and I can't wait for December to see them.