Friday, November 13, 2009

Oh Crap...Can I Say That on Blogspot??

**Public Service Announcement...the word Crap is used often in this post...if it is a word that offends you please don't read on...and I hope you don't watch network television...thank you very much**

In the musical Oklahoma when something goes wrong Ado Annie says...Oh Foot!

On that ever so popular TV show That's So Raven when something goes wrong Raven says...Oh Snap!

When something goes wrong in my life my expletive if choice is...Oh Crap!

My kids try to tell me that it is a bad that I say...that's crap...ha ha. Now mind you I don't want my kids to go around saying it, but they must just understand that there are some words that adults have the right to say but kids don't. In my book that word is crap.

Well today was one of those "Oh Crap" days!!

It started with us getting out of the house about 5 minutes late

**Public Service Announcement...if you leave 5 minutes late in the fine town of Los Angeles you'd better be prepared to be hours late...thank you very much**

...Not to worry I thought...the school that we pass that usually slows us up starts late on Thursdays. This means easy sailing traffic. Phew!!

"Oh Crap"
Since yesterday was a no school day...the aforementioned high school DID indeed start on time today...

Then we had a simulated Earthquake Drill and I am on the first aid team.

**Public Service Announcement...if you want anyone at school to survive an earthquake please do not put the music teacher, who cannot even decide which Band-Aid size to use and feels faint in the process, on the first aid team...thank you very much**

...Not to worry I thought...I'll just go to my meeting place and do what everyone else is doing.

"Oh Crap"
In walks a student who is instructed to be "trapped" in my room. Where did I put that pesky what to do in the event of...handbook...

After school we raced to get Isabella to soccer on time. As we were racing I realized that I didn't have American cheese for our cheeseburgers which GS had on the grill.

**Public Service avoid all last minute grocery store trips it is best to do your weekly shopping trip with a detailed list. Not just milk and bread scribbled on a Starbucks napkin...thank you very much**

No prob...the soccer practice is at our little park by our house and there is an Albertsons right next door. I'll just drop her off the park and run to the grocery store.

"Oh Crap"
Why is this security guard with a flashlight directing me and the eleventy million or so cars out of the cute little park's parking lot and to a back dirt lot to park and walk 2 miles to our practice spot? Oh I is the day that our cute little park is host to the Simi Valley free H1N1 flu know the one that people wait 4 hours in line American Cheese for Bella.

The good thing is none of the above did me in. I just rolled with the punches and walked into my house with dinner almost done and my boys waiting for me.

I think today I'll look for the "phews" during my day, you know the times that something could have gone wrong but didn't... is Friday the 13th...

...oh crap!!

More Later

-A Ro

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  1. That IS a crappy day! I hope today was better. My word of choice isn't quite as nice as yours - it stars with S & has four letters.