Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's All Worth It

If you have been following this blog (all six of you) you know how crazy it has been for me the last week. Our middle school production of Oklahoma! went up last weekend and Tuesday night I had my big middle and high school choral concert.

It was pretty hectic and I was pretty overwhelmed at times. However, when that first group took the stage Tuesday night and started to sing, and I saw joy and passion on their faces it was all worth it. In fact each of my groups that took the stage felt what I felt at that moment. We were a team living and breathing a work of art. It was truly magnificent and worth all the craziness to make it happen.

Including, but not limited to, the fact that I copied, folded AND stuffed 200 concert programs only to realize that the secretary put the wrong date on the front. So yes, 2 hours before the concert I had to do it all over again.
The good news is I didn't fall on stage, usually I trip on SOMETHING a mic stand, a monitor, my own two feet...I know just call me Grace.

Other good news...I had yesterday off!!!
Now I am not sure about you but a day off, especially when the kidlets are with their dad for the morning, brings to mind certain things. Sleeping in, leisurely eating breakfast while reading blogs, taking naps, reading a good book, or maybe even strolling the mall.
Not for this chick, who obviously doesn't know a good day off when she sees one, got up exercised for the longest 45 minutes of her life and then to top off the great morning went to the market.
...and then she gave her new Kitchen Aid mixer a good workout.
What you thought I was going to actually do the great day off justice?? Heck no!!! I needed to take this beauty out for a spin and make a mess.
I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, Brownies, and "healthy" oatmeal scotchies. GS loves it when I bake, however, his reward is a few goodies and a big mess to help clean up. God love him!!
We also took our favorite Veteran, GS (retired Navy air traffic controller), to Reds for a beer and some BBQ.
We had a very nice evening and looking back on my day I wouldn't have changed one thing.
So all in all the lesson I learned yesterday is that relaxation is overrated and being busy and sometimes overwhelmed can produce good results.
I guess it's really all worth it!
More Later
- A Ro


  1. We sent #1 son off to school today all dressed for business because they were going to go see justice in action at the local courthouse but the judge wasn't feeling well so he cancled the show. Oh well at least he dressed nicely.

    I do the same thing when I take the day off. I start out with an early morning spinning class and then work my fingers to the bone until sundown. Talk about a relaxing day. It is if you are usually stuck in an office all day. Make that 7 now.

  2. Hmmm - I'm more of the lazy meander from my bed to the computer kind of gal. Although if Dr. M isn't home I'll be motivated to clean. Something about his presence in the house just takes the clean right out of me - ha!