Monday, November 30, 2009

It Just Takes One Thing

How is it that it just takes one thing to totally put the kibosh on a great day??

In my case I was having a great day, no an absolutely fabulous day until I burnt a hole in my kitchen table. This horrible wish-I-could-be-Superman-and-fly-around-the-world-and-turn-back-time-moment happened 45 minutes before bedtime. Yep 45 minutes until I could have put my head on the pillow with a good feeling...but nope.

First lets look at the good stuff:
  • got my carb-loaded body out of bed for my 5.5 mile run
  • perfect running weather
  • went out for a nice no kids breakfast with GS
  • worked on my crossword puzzle while eating oatmeal
  • cleaned my house
  • made brownies
  • put up the garland on my banister
  • finally got the kids school pictures cut up
  • did all the laundry and put it all away
Then bad stuff:
  • burnt a hole in my kitchen table
Now I know you are dying for the here goes...please ignore the sobs as I tell this tale.

I have been starting to pop a big batch of popcorn each Sunday is a good for you snack that lasts us the know nibble here and there instead of the aforementioned brownies. Stupid MSN did a story on how microwave popcorn is bad for you cause of the "chemicals"...I should know better and realize that it really isn't the microwave popcorn that is going to do me in considering I still use Splenda like it is going out of style. However, to be more "healthy" I decided to buy some "real" popcorn and do it in a pan on the stove. Bella loves it too cause she gets to watch it pop. I'm telling you it was cheap entertainment until this new "healthy" snack caused me to burn a hole in my kitchen table.

So...(I am guessing you probably know where this is going...but indulge me)

I popped the batch and it was perfect...smelled wonderful so I turned "off" the burner to let it finish I KNOW that you know where this is going. Instead of turning off the burner I turned it up full blast. I could go into the "old" gas stove without any markers about hi and low, but I have lived with this stove for almost 5 years and would be a rich woman if I had a nickle for every time I mistakenly turned it up full blast instead of really no excuses. I saw it was burning and smoking and probably going to burn my house down so I grabbed the pan to throw it outside and it started, of course, to burn my fingers so I threw the pan on the nearest flat surface...yes we have finally come full circle...onto my kitchen table.

So there. I realize I could go tell you about the 10 places in this story where I went wrong, but my nostrils are currently full of that horrible burnt popcorn smell and I feel a little faint.

And now I must go scour a very expensive pan...full of burnt oil and a layer of black popcorn...

...and go buy microwave popcorn

...and a new sander to refinish my kitchen table

...and call my therapist

More later

-A Ro


  1. Oh, I'm sorry that happened! It's hard to see a much loved item damaged, it really is. The things around us are the witnesses to our lives, and feel like part of them.

    For whatever it may be worth, I don't buy microwave popcorn, and when we have it I pop it the old fashioned way, but I've burned a pan on occasion.

    Still, that doesn't help your kitchen table. I know you love your table, but it was still a good day because better the table than you, or someone you loved being burned, I suppose.

    Perhaps it could be stripped and sanded? A tablecloth might do the trick?

    I really am sorry, I have things around me that I dearly love also. Luckily they are things and all that jazz about material goods, yadda bladda, who cares? You burned something you cared about, and that plainly sucks.

    I hope today goes much better for you. It's all well and good to go the preachy, "Well now, it's just a table..." and whereas that's true, it is okay to care about our things. We work hard for them, for one thing.

    Plus, it's always so hard when something happens due to a preventable mistake. On the only upside I can think of, Amy, you've got a lot of company in having done something like that. We all do.

    It's not your fault that you're human and fallible, as we all are, but it never feels good to have the evidence of that, does it?

  2. Stick a cernterpiece on it and call it good!

  3. Wow - that totally sounds like something I would do! I'm a menace in the kitchen - thank goodness Dr. M does most of the cooking!

  4. Oh sorry about your table...does it make you feel better if I tell you my sister and I started a very small fire in our kitchen while making popcorn when we were growing up? My brother was major damage (except the pan) but there was soot in the house for a good long while.

    Don't be too hard on could throw a Christmas tablecloth on top and deal with it after the holidays : )