Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Where to Begin?

First I have to say I've missed you all. I have missed visiting your blogs, participating in memes and writing about my mundane and usual life.

I know...good times...good times.

But the good news is I am back and ready to join the blogging world again.

Here are some quick updates:

A wonderful person whom I love very much who shall remain nameless gave me this last Friday...

Was it my birthday?


Was it an anniversary?


Did I win it on Pioneer Woman Cooks?


Even better...this fabulous person gave it to me - just because. Those are the best kind of gifts and...Oh My was I excited!!! I was so excited I baked sugar cookies on Saturday for the crew of our musical.

Now I know what you are thinking..."weren't you awfully busy this weekend to do that?" and the answer to that is -yes I was at school until 9:30 on Friday night for our opening night...then on Saturday I went to my daughter's soccer game...and had to be back at school at 5:00 for our second performance.

But the call of that new mixer was so strong...it whispered to me all day Friday and all night..."use me"..."mix something"..."I am so super cool"..."did you see all my attachments"...

So I succumbed and made these:

Get it...Oklahoma!...cowboy boot and sheriff's star...I know...I know too cute. They were a big hit backstage and now my new mixer has had it's maiden voyage...and I love it more than I thought I could love cold hard steel...

Here are the beautiful flowers that the cast gave me after our show. It was a very busy but rewarding weekend. To see my middle schoolers perform to such a high standard was wonderful. They worked so hard and I am so very proud of them!!

What's next you ask?

Well only my big choral concert tonight...showing off 5 of my choirs.

Yes Sonny and Cher were right...the beat does go on!!

Wish me luck!!

More later

-A Ro

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  1. Glad to see you! I had just wondered where you were - forgot about your musical excesses. The cookies look great! I want one - please?

    I hope you rewarded the gift giver handsomely :)