Monday, November 30, 2009

Neither Siskel or Ebert Just Distracted

I am slowly recovering from the Thanksgiving Weekend Popcorn Incident, as we are now calling it. Although I am still fearful that we will develop black lung at some point due to the inhalation of severely burnt popcorn. I'll of course keep you updated.

Why is it that popcorn leaves a lasting smell? Even when it isn't burnt you know when you enter a room if someone has popped popcorn. But, Whoa Susanna if you burn it stinks for days.

As I am trying to avoid all talk about the Thanksgiving Weekend Popcorn Incident and the resulting hole in my kitchen table I started remembering that the kids and I saw a great movie last Wednesday and I thought I'd tell you about it...hopefully distracting me from my kitchen table woes.

It was called The Blind Side and it stars Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw.

Now as you can see from this picture Tim Mc Graw and I are close, but don't let my bias cause you to think that I only liked the movie because it stared my BFF.

It was a really good movie. It tells the true story of Michael Oher a teenage homeless student who is taken in by the Tuohys, a wealthy family whose children go to the same school Michael does. It is a feel good story about what it does to someone when you give. Both the giver and the receiver's lives are changed forever. If you decide to go grab the'll need it. My son and daughter loved it too.

On a sillier note GS and I cuddled up on the couch and watched Hitch Friday night. An older movie starring Will Smith, Eva Mendez, and Kevin James. We put it in our queue a while ago from Netflix and forgot about it until it showed up in our mailbox. We just decided we needed to just watch it and move on. I am telling you it was high-larious. Will Smith and Kevin James are so funny. I think I just love Will Smith. His movies are so diverse. He goes from playing a crazy go get up alien fighter in Independence Day to a desperate giving man in Seven Pounds. Don't think for a minute that I actually saw either of those movies. If you know anything about me you know that I only like movies that star Chevy Chase and have the word vacation in the title, (with the exception of movies that star my BFF Tim.) So I actually have only seen the funnier Will Smith movies, but the trailers and previews of those other films have impressed me. Maybe one day when I grow up and become a big girl I'll be able to see those other movies.

...but first I'll have to figure out how to pop popcorn on my stove without ruining every piece of furniture I own.

...a girl can hope.

More Later
-A Ro

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  1. I LOVE Independence Day! And Men in Black. And Wild Wild West...