Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm a Putzer and I Don't Care Who Knows it

I admit it...I love to putz...I love not having an agenda and just doin' what I want. The only problem I have is afterwards I feel like I haven't accomplished much.

...I am getting over that part...

So this weekend was much to do about putzing. I did have some scheduled events but had some free time as well.

Friday Bella, GS, and I putzed to dinner at Macaroni Grill.

BTW - Macaroni Grill has now implemented a new menu complete with portioned controlled meals and nutritional information. I was very impressed. I had a large bottle of San Pelligrino and the Lasagna for about 640 calories...not counting the little bit of bread I ate...c'mon who counts bread.

After Macaroni Grill we putzed around the mall. We happened to be at the mall for the lighting of the Christmas tree and the "snow" (aka a bubble blower showering us with little is how we Californians do "snow") It was really nice even though it was crowded. We then went to Starbucks, as I told you on Saturday.

BTW - As I posted on Saturday morning I was confused why someone would wait in a drive through in a long line when they could just go into the lobby. The Bug pointed out that she likes to wait in the drive through because she can just sit in her car and listen to a book on tape. Then the light bulb when off **ding**. Not everyone in the world has two impatient kids who when in the car can only seem to find the words "are we there yet?" a whole new world has been opened up to me, she says singing Aladdin...a whole new world that I will have to wait about 9 years for.

Saturday morning I got up and leisurely ran 3 miles just to get my blood moving.

BTW - I find that when I get my morning exercise in I eat healthier during the day...coinsidence or carefully divine master plan?

Then off to Bella's last regularly scheduled soccer game, which they won!! I would have pictures but I can't find that pesky camera cord that attaches your camera to your computer. Then registered her for Spring season soccer. I was fully prepared to stand in long line, but line. The putzing gods were in my favor. The rest of the day...I putzed. I cleaned a little, I went to the market, I started some laundry, I worked on some paperwork that I needed to complete, and I took time for my favorite coffee/tea shop. I also treated to myself to my favorite sushi place before going to my favorite store...TARGET!! All in all a very nice Saturday.

Sunday morning I got up to do my long 6 mile run and I felt like I putzed through that as well. I swear there were 140 knot winds pushing against me (actually I have no idea if 140 knots is very sounds strong though...) Sunday afternoon was my son's orchestra concert (again I have pictures...but alas!!...see above) He was wonderful and it was nice to sit in the audience and be entertained!!

So you can just call me Arthur Putzerelli, or Putz-de-Leon. I should win a Putz-litzer Prize, or...

...I could just hush up now and go on with my day.


More Later

-A Ro


  1. I'm a putzer too - I'm doing it again tonight! And, really I do have actual things I should be doing but I'm apparently in no hurry.

    Regarding your comment on my blog - if you win then my friend Bekah would post on your blog to win the book from you. Am I the 1/2 of a person who reads your blog? Heh.

  2. The half of 5 and a half are my former students who sometimes drop by...They are some of my favorite lurkers.


  3. My husband loves nothing more than to putz around the house outside. He's particularly interested in the insect life of the world, and will stand around watching the tiny versions of Wild Kingdom that unfold.

    Of course, my husband is 6'4" and I'm sure that having a fairly large man, standing around, staring at what, from a distance, would appear to be nothing, might make the neighbors a tad leery of us.