Monday, March 22, 2010


As some of you know I have been a little stressed lately. Various reasons, but mostly the impending move and just the ugliness of some people. It has always confused me how one can profess a deep Christian faith, yet live their lives in such an opposite way. My faith is that judgment is not mine and the higher judge will prevail.

I decided, however, to take a look at the many many blessings I have in my life. Let me tell you they are many. So I have come up with a lists...I know, aren't lists fun!!

Beautiful ring on my left finger. Love of an amazing man.

Being able to plan a simple and meaningful wedding.

The laughter of a 14 year old, at something his mother said.

Bright beautiful brown eyes of a 9 year old excited about her day.

"...she is truly the most amazing person I've ever met..." said one student about me for a scholarship essay.

A mistake that hurt someone else's feelings, remorse in her eyes, lessons learned.

A true partner, cooking dinner, cleaning up, sharing the day, kisses hello.

Children who aren't with us. Hoping they are happy.

Surprise phone call from family that I miss. Lots of laughter.

Pictures of a niece that I miss. Don't you just love a cute baby......who enjoys a daddy-cicle??

Me too.

Your welcome.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. Aw, that face on the baby is precious! I love your nice to hear someone say something so special about you. I'm glad you found some gold in the clouds...have a great day!

  2. I was just saying to someone yesterday that I should post a list of things I'm thankful for each week. The Project 365 pictures are already opening my eyes to things I don't usually see - I think trying to remember things to be thankful for would open them even more.

    And, yes, that baby is about the cutest thing EVER! LOVE the red hair & chubby cheeks.

  3. Well girls you should join me for Thankful Thursdays. Or you can go it alone. Either way it is nice to stop and give thanks.

  4. Chin up, Amy! Things will look better soon, hopefully. I took a hiatus too this past week. Just sooo busy!

    Sorry to hear the kids didn't come, but I'm totally envious of you all going to Disneyland! What a fun mom you are!!

    That baby is delicious! So cute! I loved the Daddy-cicle. Funny.

    Came over to check on you. Thinking about you and hoping this week goes better.