Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365 Week 11

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It is time once again to take a peek into my week. I hope you enjoy. Go to Sara's Blog to check out the rest of the gang's pictures.


Designer Bag

Bella loves to make gift bags for her friends Birthday's. We just buy the white bags, get out the Sharpies, and she goes to town. This friend got some Penguin and Club Penguin stuff so the bag has that theme too. She is just so artistic.


Today was my presentation at my regional independent schools conference. Everyone said it went really well, but I just think I was a bumbling idiot. Did I mention that I don't like to talk in front of other people?

Little DaVinci

I got to go to Isabella's art class this time. Usually she is with her dad on Tuesday's but Andrew had a baseball game so I went to art class. Here are two of her oil paintings she did. Did I mention that she is artistic??

Spring Choral Concert

Instead of showing my backside (again) and lamenting about how being a choral conductor is all about the backside (again) I thought I'd put a picture of Andrew singing in my choir to represent today's event. If you really need to read all about my backside woes, you can go here.


Bella had so sit through another concert. This time it was Andrew's Band concert. He plays the cello and bass in the jazz band. It is really cool to watch, unless you are a 9 year old sister who hasn't had an evening to herself all week.


Andrew had another baseball game tonight. He is a freshman playing on a Varsity team. Tonight he got up to bat, and tonight he got a hit into right field. He was on cloud nine. I cannot believe that my little guy got a hit. The pitcher he got the hit off of went on to strike out 5 other of his teammates.

Superstar II

Bella had soccer again today. As you can see it is sunny, a much nicer day. Her team lost, however, but she had fun. Most importantly her mama didn't freeze her backside off. Look at that girl go!! (She is the one in the purple)

In Summary: I have very athletic children, however, they didn't get it from me. My daughter is a great artist, however, she didn't get it from me. I might be able to take some credit for the musical stuff. The only other pictures represents my inadequacy as a public speaker. Wow I really need to re-think the picture taking method I used this week. This diva got shortchanged.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. we are a baseball/softball family and I really miss sitting in those bleachers!! But now the concerts...I still get to go to! :)

    very talented kids!!!!

  2. What a busy week! You got some great shots -- especially liked the one of Bella with that "not-another-night-out" look on her face. LOL She is quite an artist! Glad she is pursuing her passion with art classes.

    Have a great week!

  3. You all are busy! No wonder you got short-changed!

  4. Bella's paintings are great! I can't believe you had another picture of Andrew up!! Do you ever use a baton when you conduct? I always preferred just my hands, so just curious!
    I am sure your presentation was great and just think you facing them instead of showing your backside. :)
    Have a super week Amy!!

  5. Your kids are so talented and well-rounded! Take credit for that, Ms. Diva!!! Y'all had a busy week, huh? Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow... those art pieces are amazing... she is totally talented!

  7. Of course I'm jealous of the penguin - too cute! Boy your kids are talented - that must be exhausting (and fun) for you :)

  8. So much talent = busy, busy, busy.
    All enjoyable, I hope.
    Bella should remember that some day her brother will have to go to all her art shows.
    Looks like pretty countryside out there.
    Glad the presentation is over, right?
    Except I always do my negative thoughts after. And it happens to preachers all the time, too.
    But, I'm sure your audience are grateful for your willingness to put yourself out there, frontside and all!