Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Talented Boy

I am oh so very blessed. My son Andrew can play the cello. Not only can he play the cello, he plays the cello very well. He is in the top youth orchestra in Northridge California. His dad happens to be the conductor, but if anything it makes him have to work harder to prove himself. He is up for the challenge. He sits in the middle of the section. He sits higher than players much older than him.
His Dad says he is one of the smartest cellists in his section. He always is on top of things and doesn't miss a anyone.
I love watching him play in an orchestra. It makes me so proud.
I also love going to his orchestra concerts because I can actually take a picture of him without any headache.
Uh. Oh. Busted.

More Later

- A Ro


  1. oh YAY, you really do have a son! haha. isn't it great when you can get pictures and they cannot hide from you? these are great and what a wonderful talent he has. it's no suprise, if his dad is the conductor and his mom a music teacher? i'd say it's got to be in his blood! great post.

  2. I love that you managed to snap some photos : )

  3. Oh he's a handsome boy! I think it's great that he has this talent that he can share with his dad.