Monday, March 1, 2010

Sami Turns THREE!!!

I must warn you if you can't handle cute little girls, and adorable babies you must avert your eyes now.

Because today my niece Sami turns three!!

Don't say I didn't warn you!! Look at those eyes and that out!!She sure has changed a lot since this picture. She looks oh so very little.But look at that face she grew some cute chubby cheeks...(her brother is pretty cute too)She is a GOOD eater...

...and a social butterfly...look at those teeth...the better to munch you with!!
She has lots of favorite aunts. There is Aunt Kate...Her Titi Michelle, who gets to see her a whole lot cause she lives nearby. She loves her Titi.Then there is ME, her favorite California Aunt.
She loves her UG (Uncle Greg), and I am pretty sure he loves her too!!
And I know her Nana can't get enough of her...(did I mention her cute chubby cheeks?)
She has an amazing family, who love her tons and tons and more tons.

It is because...
...Sami is sweet...
...she is oh so lovable...

...and look at that smile, her mama has a great one too!!
...did I mention her smile??? She sure does love her big brother and daddy.

But man, oh man, oh man....
...she loves to keep her Mama busy.

Happy Birthday Sami...we love and miss you very very much.

P.S. Your present is on its way...

More Later

- A Ro


  1. OMG I'm balling over here. That is adorable! How is my baby girl 3! This truely is amazing, thank you for putting this together! We love and miss you! Stacia & Ryan

  2. What a super cutie! Happy birthday Sami!